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Are You Allowed To Cum?

If You Are…It Doesn’t Mean We’re Going To Waste It!

Cum Eating for Ms. Christine

Did I say you were allowed?

Any time I give you the privilege, the honor, the pleasure of shooting your cum for me, we shouldn’t ever waste that cum that comes boiling out of your balls!  There’s just so much of it, that’s why I will tease and edge you for much longer than you ever thought possible.  The more you stroke, the more you edge, the more those balls churn, and the more jizz that is produced for me.  You can’t leave it on the floor.  And sissies, you certainly don’t want it staining your panties, do you? So what should we do with all that spunk?

Eat Your Cum

Well, that’s the simple answer, isn’t it?  Whenever a Mistress grants you permission to cum – whether it’s a full release or just a dribbling, dripping ruined one, your first thought should always be, “I’m going to eat my cum for her.”  It’s just good manners!  I just spent two weeks telling you all about why you should eat your cum, but really, this is what it “cums” down to.  A good submissive eats his own cum.

How To Eat Your Cum

Well, that really up to your Cum Mistress now, isn’t it?  Sometimes I just want you to swallow it all down in one big gulp.  Other times, I want you to savor it, to get all the different flavors of that bittersweet cream.  So, a good cum slut doesn’t ask, “should I eat my cum for you Mistress?” but he does ask, “how would you like me to eat my cum, Mistress?” and “may I eat my cum for you now, Mistress?”  And you know what happens to good little cum sluts?  They get even more cum to satisfy their cravings!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Cum Punishment or Reward?

Miss Violet will Bath you in Cum 800-601-6975

Perception is Everything

After my last post came out, about being bathed in cum, the response was all over the place.  Some of you were openly in awe of cum slut “D” who saved up crazy loads of cum and poured it down his throat . . . → Read More: Cum Punishment or Reward?

Cream Pie Eating

It’s Never Cheating When the Husband Is Eating The Cream Pie!

Everyone has a job here dear cuckie…

My callers have all kinds of fetishes, and it’s certainly true that not all of them are about cream pies or even cuckolds.  It just seems that those who aren’t cucks seem to have . . . → Read More: Cream Pie Eating

Cum Eating – Why You Should, Part 2

Cum Is Good For You

…so many benefits!

Cum eating is not only good for the environment and for concealing your perverted nature, it’s also good for you from a nutrition standpoint. Did you know that?? I bet you didn’t know of the many health benefits associated with eating cum. First, . . . → Read More: Cum Eating – Why You Should, Part 2

Bathed in Cum

Miss Violet’s Nasty Cum Eating Sessions are REAL 800-601-6975

 Reality Show

Just in case you think that these comments from my nasty cum eaters are made up, or that I write about cum eating adventures that no one would actually do…I have a treat for you.  Comments about his last session with . . . → Read More: Bathed in Cum

Cum Eating – Why You Should, Part 1

Cum Eating Is What You Want

Why should you, you ask??

Look, let’s be honest my cum eating pet.  Mistresses love it when you eat your own cum.  As a submissive, your place is to either swallow, wear, or do other disgusting things with your cum in order to please your Mistress. When . . . → Read More: Cum Eating – Why You Should, Part 1

Cum Body Paint

Miss Violet Loves to Have You Play With Your Cum 800-601-6975

The Natural Next Step

First you tasted it.  Then you swallowed your own cum.  After that, you came in your face.  Now I have to take you into that devilishly good nasty cum eating zone.

My long time cum craver, Chris, went . . . → Read More: Cum Body Paint

Cum Slave Types

There Is More Than One Way To Be A Cum Slave

Which type are you?

I love watching my pets play with cum.  And in all the time I’ve been an erotic Femdom, and had men eating their own jizz for my amusement, I’ve found that those who play with cum . . . → Read More: Cum Slave Types

Confessing Cum Cravings

Hard to  Admit

You know you have thought about eating your own cum.  Do not bother denying it.  Why else would you be reading this post?  *laughing*  Illicit images of how I will coach you through tasting your pre-cum, then urging you further by edging you over and over until you beg me to . . . → Read More: Confessing Cum Cravings

Swallowing Your Cum – You Promised…

You Promised To Swallow Your Cum For Me

A promise is a promise my dear…

I didn’t say you had to slurp your own spunk, I merely said that swallowing your cum would please Me. And besides, you promised to do all by yourself.  Of course this constant teasing of your cock, keeping . . . → Read More: Swallowing Your Cum – You Promised…