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Cum And Cranberries

We’re taking a break from Cum Facts to celebrate Turkey Day….but we’ll be back to the facts next week to finish up!

Add Cum To Your Thanksgiving Meal

Eating Cum for Ms Christine

Cum and give thanks during your holiday meals! 😉

It’s so much fun to add a bit of sploshing to your holiday meal – and it’s kinky and naughty, too!  You can start with Thanksgiving brunch, right through the turkey and stuffing and then on into dessert!  Of course, in order to make sure you have enough spunk to spice up your day, you’re going to need to plan for this ahead of time. Start now and store up as many loads as you can.  Of course, the fun is in making the condiments!

Coffee and Cream

Cock cream that is!  I know a lot of my cum sluts already do this, saving up a special load for Sunday mornings to drizzle into their coffee while they sit around reading the paper (is that what they’re calling jerking off on a Sunday morning now?).  If you’re having Eggs Benedict, how about Eggs Benedict Cum-berbach?  Just add some spooge to that Hollandaise!  If you’re more a bagel person, use some “nut butter” on there!

Dinner – with Cum Fixin’s

By from USA - Cranberry Sauce, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Add a little cream to this lovely cranberry sauce…

Now, I’m sure the first thing that pops into your mind is to mix up some cock gravy, isn’t it?  And that’s fine, and surely will be tasty, but I’ve got another idea.  Mix some jizz in with those cranberries.  The sweetly bitter cum should go great with the tart sweetness of the berries.  It’ll be a flavor explosion in your mouth!  (Oh, you slut! I’ll bet you were just thinking about having a cock explode in your mouth, weren’t you?)

Dessert With A Creamy Surprise

One of my favorite cum eating caller collects all his cum in a cup, then whips it up into a nice frothy cream in a blender.  Why don’t you try that, then spoon it onto your pumpkin pie.  What a creamy treat!  And of course, as the light dims and evening approaches, make up your favorite cocktail, with two or three cum cubes.  They say chewing ice is a sign of sexual frustration…and we Cock Control Mistresses know just how sexually frustrated we make you!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday and be sure to give “cum thanks” at each meal! 😉

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

9 Facts About Cum – Part 2

I shared the first few hot facts on cum last week…and now here is the 2nd part… Part 3 is next week!

3. Cum Eating Helps You Sleep

…and more fun facts about cum

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9 Facts About Cum – Part 1

Turning You Into A Slutty Cum Swallowing Machine!

Learning more about eating your cum!

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Cum Eating With a Partner

Miss Violet…Your Cum Eating Partner 800-601-6975

Are You One of the Lucky Ones?

Meaning that your lady is interested in exploring this oral fetish with you.  If so, that’s fabulous!  Remember that I am a total voyeur…I love to watch.  I have experience playing with couples on the phone.  Talking and watching them.

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Cum Eating Rule

You Spill Your Cream

Follow the rules and you’ll get your reward…

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Scary Cum Eating

Miss Violet Has a Trick for You 800-601-6975

All in Your Head

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A Cum Kiss

Cum Curious Cum Eaters

It starts and ends with a kiss…

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Making Cream Pie Clean Up Even Hotter

*Tips for the Hot Wives and Slutty Girlfriends out there*

Make Him Beg For That Cream Pie

So creamy and delicious!

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3 Fun Cream Pie Clean Up Methods

*Note: These are tips for your Hot Wife or Sexy Girlfriend*

Grab His Hair as He Cleans You Up

cuckie, you’re going to love these tips!

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Cream Pie And Your Hot Wife

A Question About Cream Pie

Shouldn’t you always play the clean up pet?

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