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Coached Cum Eating, Part 5

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It’s Coached Cum Eating – Are Your Ready To Become A True Cum Slut?

Cum Eating with Ms Christine

How classy you look turning up a glass of cum…

Are you ready to graduate?  Are you ready to become a true cum slut…nay, a true cum junkie?  You really have progressed quite far.  Started out eating drops of pre-cum, and by now, I have you eating whole loads of cum – from your hand, from my pussy…even sucking on cum cubes!  So, there are two final cum eating challenges in our Coached Cum Eating journey…leading to complete cum domination!

Don’t Suck Cock?

Oh, but you will suck my strap-on, won’t you?  Of course you will, but not until it’s…prepared!  I’ll make you stroke and edge under my expert guided masturbation instructions, building up that load in your balls over several edges while that cock is thrusting in and out of your mouth.  When you’re begging me to cum, I’ll pull out and you can nut off all over that big, black cock.  Then it’s back in your mouth, bitch!  Suck it clean!

How About A Little Wine – Coached Cum Eating Style

If you’re going to whine, let’s fill up a wine glass.  This is your graduation, cum whore, time for you to show me just how much you love jizz!  I think we’ll spend a few days, maybe even a week, teasing and edging you constantly.  That should fill those balls.  Then, we can ruin a few orgasms, and watch it drip into that glass, filling it up.  I think we might have to milk that prostate too and make sure we get every last drop of spunk.  Bottoms up!  Slurp down all the spooge from the glass…and smack your lips, like it’s the best “cock”tail you’ve ever had.  Now, you really are a cum junkie!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Small Cock?

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Turned On By Having Small Cock

Though I had been a lifestyle Mistress for years, before I became a phone Mistress here, I was not aware that any man was turned on by having a small cock.  Of course now, after over nine years of phone sessions, I know that . . . → Read More: Small Cock?

Coached Cum Eating – Part 4

One thing I always want to make sure of with my cum eating fetishists is that they’re getting the complete, full load of jizz.  Allowing you to jerk off and then lick it up – whether it’s from your hand, off the floor or from my body, you might miss some here . . . → Read More: Coached Cum Eating – Part 4

Coached Cum Eating – Part 3

Now that we’ve got you eating whole loads of cum there are some more fun ways to do it…while keeping your Mistress clean…

Did You Just Cum In My Hand

Licking it from fun places…

Naughty cum slut!  Did I tell you you could nut off?  I know it may . . . → Read More: Coached Cum Eating – Part 3

Coached Cum Eating, Part 2

Did you read Part 1 of this cum eating series? Remember, this is all about coaching you to eat your cum, taking small steps, until you’re swallowing that whole, entire load.

The Next Level Of Cum Eating

I can’t get enough of being your coach!

When we first started your . . . → Read More: Coached Cum Eating, Part 2

Warm Cum Eating

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Before You Freak Out

I am not suggesting you put your nuts on an open flame.  Not at all!  This post is all about the pleasure of eating your own cum while it is warm.  You have likely done this, but perhaps not.  It is time you . . . → Read More: Warm Cum Eating

Coached Cum Eating, Part 1

There Is A Progression To Cum Eating

I’ll be your Coach for the evening…

Cum eaters come in all different styles.  There are those who just jump right in to slurping up their spooge, but some need coaching and have to be taken along in steps.  As a consummate Cum Mistress, . . . → Read More: Coached Cum Eating, Part 1

Eating Cum Before You Cum

Starting saving your jizz!

You Want to Eat Your Own Cum

You have a strong desire to eat your cum, so you call your favorite Mistress.  Perhaps you are a cum eating beginner. Your sexual juices are running high and you just know that tonight will be the night.  So, with your Mistress . . . → Read More: Eating Cum Before You Cum

Cuckold Cum Eating Dilemma

It Is Quite The Issue For Those Of Us Who Cuckold Others…

What will she give you tonight?

Why cuckold, even your hot wife finds it a challenge.  See, she can’t decide which feels better.  The feeling when her Bull begins speeding up his thrusts, she feels his cock getting much bigger and then . . . → Read More: Cuckold Cum Eating Dilemma

9 Facts About Cum – Part 3

Make sure you check out Parts 1 and 2 – you don’t want to miss any amazing facts about cum!

7. You Won’t Become A Cum Bimbo

And now you have the facts!

Jizz actually improves mental alertness. So despite the popular belief that eating cum will turn you . . . → Read More: 9 Facts About Cum – Part 3