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Making Cream Pie Clean Up Even Hotter

*Tips for the Hot Wives and Slutty Girlfriends out there*

Make Him Beg For That Cream Pie

Cream Pie with Ms Christine

So creamy and delicious!

The moment after I’ve been filled with another man’s cum is when my cuck is at the height of his excitement. He’s been dreaming of being able to clean out the inevitable cream pie as he’s watched every thrust of my Bull’s cock inside me. So why make it easy on him?  Time to have some fun!  After I invite him to crawl between my legs, I make him beg to clean up that creamy cumshot!

Make Him Thank You When He’s Done

Cuckolds, when your Cuckoldress allows you to eat that creampie from her delicious pussy isn’t it your ultimate reward? She doesn’t have to allow that, and you should be grateful for the chance to clean her.  Not every cuckold is so lucky. Some have to just stand quietly in a corner, cock locked in chastity, never participating.  So, If your hotwife allows you the privilege of licking another man’s jizz from her pussy, you should tell her just how grateful you are.  I have trained all my cuckold pets to thank me profusely after every clean up session.

Scoop Some of The Cream Pie Out with Your Fingers and Feed it to Him

This is  so fucking hot!  I like to work this into my creampie play every once in a while. While my cuckie waits between my legs – begging for my creampie, of course! – I slide two fingers into my spunk-filled pussy and scoop up some of my stud’s spooge.  I tell my cuck to open wide and then slip those messy digits onto his tongue. He’ll close his lips around them immediately and suck every drop clean. I look into his eyes and add in some more humiliation, “oh honey, you’re sucking my fingers just like you suck cock!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

3 Fun Cream Pie Clean Up Methods

*Note: These are tips for your Hot Wife or Sexy Girlfriend*

Grab His Hair as He Cleans You Up

cuckie, you’re going to love these tips!

After one of my Bulls has finally shot his load inside of me, I love to have my cuck climb up between my legs . . . → Read More: 3 Fun Cream Pie Clean Up Methods

Cream Pie And Your Hot Wife

A Question About Cream Pie

Shouldn’t you always play the clean up pet?

So, recently, one of my cuckolded callers actually got his hot wife on the phone, because she had a question for me.  First off, I was really impressed with this woman.  She’s getting all the cock she needs, . . . → Read More: Cream Pie And Your Hot Wife

Cum Eating: Jerky, Jerky…Time To Slurpy

I Love Cum Eating Pets

You want to jerk it? You will slurp it!

There are all kinds of ways to show your submission and devotion to your cum eating Femdom Mistress.  You can beg her to lock you in chastity, dress up in panties for her, even suck cock for her.  But, . . . → Read More: Cum Eating: Jerky, Jerky…Time To Slurpy

Cum Eating Success Stories

He Finally Ate His Cum!

Any of these sound like you?

This first cum eating success story is about a first time cum eating pet.  He’s been calling me for months, saying he wanted to slurp his spunk.  I’d tease and edge him, make him beg, make him say, “please, I’ll . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Success Stories

Cum Eater: Are You Any Good In Bed?

Bad Boy Cum Eater – Jerk Off To Me

I’ll make you good at it…

Believe me, I know how many of you look at my blogs at Mistress Phone Sex Calls and at Straight Guys Sucking Cock.  I know that while you are staring at my pictures, imagining what I look like . . . → Read More: Cum Eater: Are You Any Good In Bed?

Eating Cum On Food

Time to Eat Your Cum!

Wanting to Taste the Cum

A fun, creative cum eater I speak with told me about his quest to find a food he would enjoy eating his cum off of.  He liked the idea of eating cum on food, but found that, for him, the food covered up . . . → Read More: Eating Cum On Food

Cum Eating – The Humiliation Part

Is Cum Eating For Me Humiliating?

Is it really that humiliating?

Is that what leaves you feeling so ashamed and humiliated?  That every time anything leaks out of that naughty, slutty cock, that I make you eat it up?  Whether it’s that dripping pre-cum, or it’s a load of bittersweet white . . . → Read More: Cum Eating – The Humiliation Part

Cum Eating – A How To…

How About A Side Of Humiliation?

Of course you like it used, warm, and creamie…

Some men find the idea of eating cum – theirs or someone else’s – humiliating.  Some are veritable cum junkies and couldn’t care less – as long it’s kept quiet.  They don’t want anyone else knowing . . . → Read More: Cum Eating – A How To…

Cum Eating Is A Must

It’s Good Manners After All

Why wouldn’t you eat it… for me?

Yes, cum eating is good manners! If I allow a pet of mine the sweet release of orgasm, it’s only good manners that they clean up after themselves.  Are you just going to let it lay on the floor?  . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Is A Must