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Cuckold Creampie: What a Delight

Are You Surprised by the Creampie

Creampie with Ms. Christine

So delicious!

I don’t think many cuckolds are surprised by the creampie.  If you have a hot wife or a cheating girlfriend, you know what she’s up to when she goes out.  I wonder though, how many Cuckoldresses, after their first time with their Bull, or maybe just the first time they don’t “clean up” afterwards head home and, as they’re walking to the door, think to themselves “Do I tell him what I just did or do I just sit on his face and let him figure it out?” 

One Creampie

Of course, if she chooses the latter, it’s not long after she lowers her wet, sloppy pussy onto your face and your tongue starts to plumb her depths that you get that first taste of spunk – and now you know!  The first time it happened, did you try to wiggle out?  Say something?  Or did you just accept that it was your job to reclaim your wife by getting all of that Bull’s jizz out of her?  After that first creampie, I’ll bet you looked forward to more of that sweet snack whenever she came home, didn’t you?

Many Creampies

Even a long term cuckolding relationship, you can be surprised by the creampie.  Maybe you’ve been cleaning her out for years, but this night?  Well, this is the first night your hot wife decided that one lover was just not enough.  She had a gang bang!  And they just kept dumping load after load into her well used pussy.  You could be there hours cleaning up that massive creampie, tasting the mix of her juices and all those bulls.  I’ll bet you can even taste the different spooge from each of them, can’t you?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Is Cum Eating Giving You Trouble?

This tease is for all my wannabe cum eaters that have trouble eating your cum after you have finished.  You see, this time, I’m not giving you much of an option!  This tease involves self bondage, and you should always be safe and have a backup escape method available, maybe having someone come over at . . . → Read More: Is Cum Eating Giving You Trouble?

A Wannabe Cum Eater

A Question from a Reader

I received an email the other day from one of my pets:

Ms. Christine, can you help me? I hate cum. Or at least I think I do … I hate seeing in movies. During sex it kinda’ grosses me out . But during oral I want it . . . → Read More: A Wannabe Cum Eater

Cum Eating Means Humiliation

The Humiliation Of The Reactions

…did you lick every last drop?

When it comes to cum eating, people seem to have a few reactions.  Some women, you confess to them your cum eating urge and the first thing that comes to mind is eew! You guys are so fucking gross!  Not me!  . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Means Humiliation

Public Cum Humiliation

Jerk Off to Porn

You love it for all sorts of reasons….

I want you to find a really hot video with a dominatrix talking down to you, humiliating you, laughing at you.  It should be JOI porn, CEI is even better, but don’t follow the instructions they have for eating your cum.  I . . . → Read More: Public Cum Humiliation

Cum Eating for Chickens

Miss Violet can Help 800-601-6975

This can be Overcome

Lest there be any confusion, this post is not about chickens eating cum.  No, this is about men who are too chicken to eat their cum.  You know who are you!  Do not worry.  You are not alone and this can be overcome.

Why . . . → Read More: Cum Eating for Chickens

Do You Like Cum Cold or Hot

What Style Cum do You Prefer

How do you like it?

I can tell you what I like.  Nice, warm cum, straight from the cock.  What, you thought I just liked watching you cum sluts eat it? No, my pets, Mistress Christine understands your cum cravings because she likes it, too!  That’s not what . . . → Read More: Do You Like Cum Cold or Hot

Festive Cum Eating

Tis the season dear cum eating pets…you’re riding the LDW Holiday Blog Train! And this is your next stop. After this you’re gonna head on over to Bethany’s post on our Virtual World Phone Sex Blog, so hold on tight!

How will you celebrate the Christmas Season while being a cum slut?

Don’t Just . . . → Read More: Festive Cum Eating

Cum Eating Exhibitionist

Be Miss Violet’s Cum Eating Exhibitionist 800-601-6975


You know you fantasize about eating cum in front of other people.  I am not talking about eating your cream on cam for me.  This is taking things up a notch.  Because I want to turn you into a cum eating exhibitionist.

Are you brave . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Exhibitionist

Too Bad Your Wife Hates Cum Eating

A Follow-up to “Your Wife Won’t Swallow”

it’s a shame…well, kinda

Back in the summer I wrote a post about one of my cum eating sluts whose wife wouldn’t swallow.  It was weird, because she’d let him cum in her mouth, she just didn’t want to waste it.  Whatever, it worked out . . . → Read More: Too Bad Your Wife Hates Cum Eating