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Cum Eating – The Humiliation Part

Is Cum Eating For Me Humiliating?

Cum Eating with Ms Christine

Is it really that humiliating?

Is that what leaves you feeling so ashamed and humiliated?  That every time anything leaks out of that naughty, slutty cock, that I make you eat it up?  Whether it’s that dripping pre-cum, or it’s a load of bittersweet white cream, you will eat it for me.  I’ve talked with some of your ex-girlfriends and they told me you’d always have them eat your load when they blew you (kudos to you by the way, getting those women to suck that pathetic pindick!).  Well, if she swallows, so should you!

Or Is It The Fact That I Ruin Your Orgasms?

Maybe that’s really the humiliating part, hmmm?  The fact that I have you licking up and sucking down all that pre-cum while I tease you and bring you to edge after edge, building up that load in your balls.   After all those edges, you think there’s got to be a payoff…and then, just as your about to gain that sweet release, I slap your hand away, and your cock just dribbles out that puddle of cum…and you slurp all that spooge down for me!

Ruined Orgasms Guarantee Cum Eating

Where ever the humilaition comes from, I don’t care!  I know you get off on it and it produces more jizz – bigger loads.  I ALWAYS ruin your orgasms because we’ve played the game of allowing you a full release…and as soon as you cum,  you lose the urge to eat it.  It’s so much easier to turn you into a cum junkie when you’re still horny and sexually frustrated. And I do like you easy! 😉

I wonder how long it will take you to realize I will be ruining your orgasms forever? Maybe you just refuse to see…

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Cum Eating – A How To…

How About A Side Of Humiliation?

Of course you like it used, warm, and creamie…

Some men find the idea of eating cum – theirs or someone else’s – humiliating.  Some are veritable cum junkies and couldn’t care less – as long it’s kept quiet.  They don’t want anyone else knowing . . . → Read More: Cum Eating – A How To…

Cum Eating Is A Must

It’s Good Manners After All

Why wouldn’t you eat it… for me?

Yes, cum eating is good manners! If I allow a pet of mine the sweet release of orgasm, it’s only good manners that they clean up after themselves.  Are you just going to let it lay on the floor?  . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Is A Must

Cum Eating Addiction

I Can Tell You’re Ripe For A Cum Eating Addiction

You’ll get addicted pretty quick!

Cum eating is what you want to be doing more than anything, you know it…and I know it too.  Every time you call, you tell me about your fantasies of squirting a big load into your hand . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Addiction

Cum Eating Body Worship

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

A Natural Combination

Two of your favorite erotic activities rolled into one.  Worshiping my body and eating your cum!  This is an amazing way to devour every drop of your man juice.

I have a journey planned for us.  While I am open to your preferences and suggestions, consider this . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Body Worship

Are You Allowed To Cum?

If You Are…It Doesn’t Mean We’re Going To Waste It!

Did I say you were allowed?

Any time I give you the privilege, the honor, the pleasure of shooting your cum for me, we shouldn’t ever waste that cum that comes boiling out of your balls!  There’s just so much of . . . → Read More: Are You Allowed To Cum?

Cum Punishment or Reward?

Miss Violet will Bath you in Cum 800-601-6975

Perception is Everything

After my last post came out, about being bathed in cum, the response was all over the place.  Some of you were openly in awe of cum slut “D” who saved up crazy loads of cum and poured it down his throat . . . → Read More: Cum Punishment or Reward?

Cream Pie Eating

It’s Never Cheating When the Husband Is Eating The Cream Pie!

Everyone has a job here dear cuckie…

My callers have all kinds of fetishes, and it’s certainly true that not all of them are about cream pies or even cuckolds.  It just seems that those who aren’t cucks seem to have . . . → Read More: Cream Pie Eating

Cum Eating – Why You Should, Part 2

Cum Is Good For You

…so many benefits!

Cum eating is not only good for the environment and for concealing your perverted nature, it’s also good for you from a nutrition standpoint. Did you know that?? I bet you didn’t know of the many health benefits associated with eating cum. First, . . . → Read More: Cum Eating – Why You Should, Part 2

Bathed in Cum

Miss Violet’s Nasty Cum Eating Sessions are REAL 800-601-6975

 Reality Show

Just in case you think that these comments from my nasty cum eaters are made up, or that I write about cum eating adventures that no one would actually do…I have a treat for you.  Comments about his last session with . . . → Read More: Bathed in Cum