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Ask Ms Olivia: Why do I want to eat my own cum?

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Are you cum curious?

Some of you are dedicated cum eaters and you know you love that naughty thrill of slurping up your own load of cum.  You know who you are!  ~grinz~  And I know who you are!  ~smiles~  I’ll admit, I adore a man who will eat his own cum … willingly lapping up that creamy load.

Coerced cum eating

Now, some of you need a little extra … ahem … incentive to take that load of cum.  You might be a guy who dreams of being a full submissive to a Femdom Mistress.  You don’t know where to start but this Experienced Mistress knows you need to learn more about Dominance and submission.  This is where cum eating comes in.  This is the physical representation of my control and dominance over you … when I make you eat your own cum.

Cum eating is HOT

Most of all, cum eating is a fucking HOT phone sex fantasy!  And, if you’re here you are curious and ready … aren’t you?  So, my question to YOU is …. why do YOU want to eat your own cum?  DO TELL!

Ms Olivia

12 comments to Ask Ms Olivia: Why do I want to eat my own cum?

  • john

    I love to eat my own cum because its the ultimate sign of worship to my Mistress!It is my role in life to swallow my cum on her command or to hold it in my mouth while I worship her….I would love to be your personal cum eater Missteress Olivia

    • Olivia

      I would love for you to be my personal cum eater! Cum eating is such a wonderful way for you to submit to your Mistress.

  • susan9316

    Dear Mistress

    So yes, i am a dedicated cum eater, though i do think of it as my sissy cream. i want to eat my own cum as it is such a strong statement of my acceptance of who i am and want to be. In the traditional male culture it is virtually unthinkable, But as an expression of submission it is sublime. To proudly eat my cum for Mistress is such a positive act, i give myself up to your devotion. As a sissy i know the only proper place for my sissy cream is in my mouth. And so i do crave it and now love the taste and the way it helps to define me. It is both nourishment and affirmation. Being a devoted cum eater is an erotic hig. Denial and cum eating, all in their turn, without hesitation, every drop, now and in the future.

    • Olivia

      I know you ADORE your Mistress and cum eating is just one of many ways to show that submission and adoration! Thanks for your comment! I especially liked the part about ‘nourishment’ … oh yes, cum eating is more than merely physical, isn’t it? ~smiles~

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    Dear Mistress Olivia,

    There are several reasons why I enjoy eating cum. First, it tastes good. My cum is delicious. Then, it is a good way to clean up the “mess” after ejaculating. Importantly, it is also a means of expressing my willingness to serve my mistresses. Last, it is fun!

    • Olivia

      wooo hooo! Oh yeah, to ALL those reasons! When you’re allowed to empty those cum filled balls you really DO need to eat your own cum …. just sayin’.

  • TeasedM

    This is the physical representation of my control and dominance over you … when I make you eat your own cum.

    For me, it is all about submitting to my Mistress and Mistress Olivia.

    I admit that I have only ‘finished every drop’ once!

    After many failed/faked attempts my Mistress and Mistress Olivia had me cornered and I had no choice. I lapped up every drop without even thinking twice.
    Later that day, I couldn’t help but think what I slut these ladies turned me into.

    Since that fateful day, I am craving more!!
    Yes, I have been allowed releases since that day.
    I am very grateful for those far and few between days!!

    On those occasions I have never been made to eat my cum.
    I always feel great and I am very thankful for mere release.
    But, since my first ‘taste’ of submission I always think my release would have been better if Mistress made me lap it up.

    • Olivia

      ~laughs~ You know this Mistress WILL make you eat up every drop of your cum! Just sayin’ ….. ~grinz~

  • Pansy

    After being denied for an extended period of time, I’ve found eating my cum easier, lol.. This week I gobbled it up with no hesitation. Now that I’ve done it, I wonder if I’ll be led to getting it from other sources..

    • Olivia

      ~laughs~ Oh YES Pansy !!! After being denied you’re more than willing to do ALL sorts of things to earn your cum release …. aren’t you? ~grinz~ I’m so curious, do tell us about the “getting cum” from other sources comment! Tee hee Should I do a blog post about this?

      • Pansy

        Sucking dick, Mistress. If she denies me again, I wonder if I would do that for her.. Sounds like a perfect blog post… How to Turn a Heterosexual Male into a Pansy..

        • Olivia

          hahahhahahahahahha !!!!!!! OMG, pansy …. you just might have inspired a blog and/ or a free sexy audio! ~laughs~
          Send me an email of the steps you have been on:
          1. tease him silly
          2. …….