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A Better Way To Store Cum

Cum Eating with Ms Christine

Saving up lots of cum to eat for Me!

Why Would You Store Cum?

21 comments to A Better Way To Store Cum

  • Mistress Christine it gives as all such great pleasure to know we can do the things we do to spoil you the Greatest Goddess in the Universe and if you are not Happy then we are not Happy until we know you are Completely and Totally Satisfied! 🙂

  • Mistress Christine and making you the happiest Goddess in the World is always my #1 Priority! 🙂

    At all times plase Mistress Christine!That is the greatest reward of them all that i can ever do is to always please you! 😉

  • pchplayer

    So you are saying that microwaving frozen cum will thicken it as it warms? One of my issues is the watery texture of the thawed cum. I may try storing cum again and use the microwave to reheat. I would love to solve this issue, since I love to eat cum before cumming, then… If this works I will have to call you so you can instruct me on just how and when to eat my stored cum. Spread over a dildo perhaps.

    • I’ve had callers tell me that sometimes it thickens up, but I do hear more often that it gets runny pchplayer. I think all you can really do for it getting watery is to drink it quickly (lol) or add a fresh load to it to thicken it!

  • Mistress Christine you know me and the only place i like to “Store” Cum is in my Little Sissy Faggot Belly!~Giggles!~

  • CumSaver

    Great post!
    I’ve been stockpiling cum in small tupperware type containers, but the biggest issue is the thaw process. Same problem would also occur with anything where the cum builds up into a block or chunk. Recently, I’ve used a ziplock bag, but not let the loads pile on. Keeping it flat in the freezer keeps multiple loads in a thin layer, which thaws quickly. No need to risk spoiling it overheating in the microwave. You can just put the bag in a pot of hot/warm water for a few minutes, and it’s back to liquid. The problem I’ve had with saved up cum, (done with 20, 30 loads) is after sitting out too long to thaw, it does change taste and even smell. I think a faster way of thawing and warming helps that.

    Of course, my idea doesn’t deal with the hiding of it. Your ideas and the pill holder idea are both great for not drawing attention. Maybe I need a seperate disguised bag that I can put my cum bag into, to hide it. But again, something nobody would have and interest in.

    But I have to disagree with pchplayer, fresh cum is also bleachy in smell.

    • Hi CumSaver, I’m glad to hear that you have a lot of experience with saving cum. As for warming it or thawing it, in my experience the microwave is the best option. Start with 10 seconds, and stir and check it every 10 after that… you dont want it too hot, but warm cum is better. Also, if it gets too thick, add a drop of water.

  • pchplayer

    In the past I have used one of those daily pill holders to store cum. It’s similar to an ice cube tray, but the lids keep thing hidden. It is also much smaller than an ice cube tray, so there are many options for hiding it in the freezer. One or two loads per slot seems to work for me. Though I must say that thawed cum just doesn’t compare to fresh. Thawed cum has a bleach smell and is more like water than a delightful gooey fresh load.

    • That’s a great idea pchplayer, I haven’t thought of that, but the compartments are a great size and rarely does a guest look at a person’s medications… so it’s perfect!

  • Panty Boi

    Oh Mistress what a great idea! This is something I have to try!, i’ve had many sessions with you but it has been too long. I am going to start building my “supply” up now as you recommend so that when you see me on Skype in pink/black bra and pink panties I can consume my “supply” all while you watch! And maybe chase my “supply” with a fresh one! How do I thaw though, at room temperature or microwave? Would hate the consistency or taste to change ; )

    • Chasing a saved load with a fresh one is always the best way Panty Boi! And you’ll need to microwave it a bit, you actually want it warm… but it only takes a few seconds, so watch it closely and check it a few times!