The other day I was having a great sexy texting session with a sissy, and this sissy slut said, “I am your cum slut in training.”  I realized, Hey, that’s a great title for a blog! So, here’s the blog post. I’m grateful for the inspiration because it got me thinking about training a cum slut. Of course, I do it intuitively, but it’s always good to really pin down some of my Femdom training methods. In this case, I’m asking: What is a cum slut? How does a Mistress train a sissy to gobble up cum? And finally, what does this particular sissy think about being trained in this way, whether she wants to do it or not? Here’s the conversation with sissy gigi along with my additional thoughts:

What is a cum slut?  

Experienced Mistress Olivia from Coached to Eat Cum blogI start off by asking gigi what it means to her when she says the phrase, “sissy cum slut?”  If you know me, I’ll often ask a series of questions, and that’s how I started the interview with sissy gigi. I also wanted to know if she thought that every sissy should be a cum slut or if that should be optional. Here’s what sissy gigi said:

Hmmmm. I think every sissy on their journey is heading towards being a cum slut.

To ultimately serve as a sissy, you are a receptacle for Alpha men who have superior rights in this world.”

Alpha men are superior, and so are Alpha women! In other words, a sissy is expected to obey. That’s why I was surprised to hear that sissy gigi actually didn’t WANT to eat cum.  I didn’t remember that because she’s been such a cum dump for several years now, but apparently she was a reluctant cum eater! Many people love the cum eating fantasy but lose the desire to eat cum once there is cum to lick up. Sissy gigi says:

“One thing early in my sissy journey is that I didn’t enjoy eating cum. Now I can’t wait to have a sissygasm so I can lick whatever comes out.”

WOW, I didn’t know that or if I did I forgot because now she’s a dedicated cum eater!

How does a Mistress train a sissy to eat cum?Femdom Experienced Mistress Olivia sissy cum eating training

As a Dominant Woman who enjoys training femme bois, I know that each person and situation is different.  The key to effective domination, training, or anything else is to get to know the other person and find ways to make them do what I want. I believe in the motto: No escape, no wiggle room. Sissy will obey.

When I do feminization training, I use conditioning to reinforce the behavior I want. For example, I put a sissy in chastity, and then when I let her out, she is only allowed to cum if she cleans up her mess. Or, making sure that any sissy pleasure is tied to watching specific blow job porn clips. It’s all conditioning, and I understand the psychology of sissy training. Sissy gigi talks about some of the changes:

“It’s a different mindset. Over time, sissies watch so many videos of cum being swallowed that it becomes desirable. There are also many times where I was instructed to do so and got over some of the issues.

One big thing is a sissygasm is not like a man normally ejaculating so there’s no aftereffect of shame or release from a male perspective.”

The role of a Mistress in any sissy training

A Mistress can be a guide, support, problem solver, or the hell hath no furry if you disobey type of person. LOL Here’s what sissy gigi says:

“You have been the visionary and the guide to help me come back to that destiny. Helping me accept it. Helping me work for it. Encouraging me to embrace it. “

Remember, if you need a Femdom to manage your sissy training, get in touch! Feel free to email me: olivia AT or you can always simply pick up the phone and dial 1-800-601-6975. I’m looking forward to taking control of your feminization!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia