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Cum eating resolution

Some of you have a New Year’s resolution to swallow cum.  Cum eating is hugely popular as a new kinky thing to do.  I think that’s a dandy resolution especially for those of you who are trying and trying and trying to clean up your cum.

Being on the phone with a phone sex Mistress can often make the difference between a successful cum eating experience and one where you cum and run …. but you don’t swallow your cum.  Awwww, that’s so frustrating isn’t it?  Remember everyone who swallows cum had to be a first time cum eater at the beginning!

Mistress watches you on cam

I recently did a call with a guy who was on the phone with me and we had Skype open so I could watch him on cam!  I was the director, working him into a frenzied frothy lather of cock stroking.  You know what it feels like when your balls are so fucking full of cum that you can’t even walk?  THAT is exactly how his balls felt, he’d been jacking off for hours …. cock stroking and edging and then ohhhhhhh a very naughty thought popped into his naughty horny head.

Cum eating on cam!

He’d told me he wanted to eat cum on cam for me but he had never gotten up the nerve to do it.  WOAH!  This is a New Year’s kinky resolution that came true!

He did it!!!!  He really did it!  I got to watch him on cam while he was jacking off!  I gave him directions and quickly I got to watch on cam as his cum shoots up his belly and right into his mouth!  Fresh hot cum in his mouth and all over his face and Mistress is watching!  FUCK YEAH!

Are YOU ready to swallow your cum for this Experienced Mistress?

Ms Olivia