How do you feel about eating your own cum? If you’re here on this blog, you either do it, you want to do it, you’re curious about doing it or you have the fantasy but say, “I would never eat my own semen!”  Listen to my voice read you this cum eating blog post.

Mental block against cum eatingHe asks, is it weird I want to eat my own cum? Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975

I’m not sure where I heard this but someone called it the cum and go syndrome – because once you cum you have to go (stop because you lose the desire).

I’ve talked with a lot of people with the cum fetish. If you are having trouble following through but you really want to lick up your load then you need a cum coach!  I can help you get over the hump (so to speak). Remember, this is powerful reaction as described by this successful cum eater:

“First, the post orgasm recoil is legit.  So many times I was hot to trot to gulp my own seed and as soon as I came, it was like a sudden sobriety washed over my body and I was like, “Hell NO!  What was I thinking?”   Sometimes that recoil begins during the orgasm.”

This isn’t just a mental block, it’s also physical.  It’s because of the biology of what happens once you have an orgasm – the feel good chemicals are released and the body says, good boy now you can go to sleep.  If you lose the desire to eat cum after you have an orgasm, you’re not alone.

If she swallows, why don’t you?

Lots of articles are written about whether or not she swallows but this poll says, the cum fetish is in both genders and across all sexual orientations.

Check out these numbers in this poll: WHO has a cum fetish

  • I am a guy and I do: (24%)
  • I am a girl and I do: (32%)
  • Never thought of it: (27%)
  • No, I think it is gross: (18%)

Cum eating: fantasy vs realityHe asks, is it weird I want to eat my own cum? Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975

I wonder if the 1 in 4 people who said it’s gross have the cum eating fantasy.  Ms Erika and I have a BDSM, kink podcast. She has a bunch of cum eating stories and we often talk about cum eating in many episodes but this particular one is All About Cum Eating. I sent this podcast to someone recently who wanted to know how to eat his own semen.

Remember, just because you fantasize about a certain kink, it doesn’t mean you actually want to act on it.  That’s okay! 

Another interesting twist is the person who has fantasized for years about being able to eat his own semen and then finally DOES it. My friend Michael is submissive, kinky and really awesome! We started talking about getting him to eat cum. He eventually did it and realized something very powerful:

“The cum taste triggers something in me —it’s both arousal and contentment at the same time. The taste triggers the submission into sub space.”

Mistress can make a submissive eat cum

Sometimes all you need is a push to eat your own cum. That’s the role of a cum coach, aka Mistress. That push might come in the form of CEI. I find that genuine enthusiasm, encouragement and specific cum eating instructions often do the job. 

Adding cum eating to our erotic conversations

Femdom phone sex Domination by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975People enjoy distance domination for a variety of reasons: friendship, erotic conversation, a specific roleplay, sexual advice and so on.  So many people eventually ask something along the lines of “is it weird if I want to eat my own cum.” I can calm him down by asking, how do you define ‘weird.’ Personally I think missionary position only between cis male/cis female sex is weird (and boring).

What does it mean if I want to swallow cum?

Often that question is code for a deeper concern: What does it MEAN that I want to eat my own semen? Does this mean I’m bi or gay? Does it mean I want to suck a cock?  Listen, it might mean that but not necessarily.   Not every cum eater wants to suck cock!

Now, can you still wonder “is it weird to eat my own semen?” Hopefully, I’ve put those fears to rest. If you need private lessons, just give a call: 1-800-601-6975. I love it when you cum to me!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia