When you just can’t eat your own cum

You want to lick it up.  You are massively aroused by the thought of cum eating.  It’s naughty and taboo.  But … you just can’t actually DO it.

Ahhhh, you have what I call the “cum and go syndrome.”  What’s that you say?  It’s when you want to eat cum until you actually cum and have semen to lick up!  Don’t worry, this is very common. You’re not alone in your desires and frustrations.  Listen to my voice where I give you a peek into how I handle someone who loses the desire to eat cum once he has cum to eat.

He wants to eat his own cum

I’m emailing with someone right now.  He needs a cum coach.  Sometimes It helps to create a scene where you know you will be coerced and have no choice but to lick up that creamy, gooey cum.  There’s a reason why coerced cum eating stories are so hot.

Whether I use a story or CEI will depend on what works best for you. Remember ,each person is an individual so being your cum coach means that I create an environment that will make you successful.

Here’s what I’m setting up for this caller.  Our exchange started with this email:

I read your blog on cum eating and have tried and failed so many times.

CEI aka cum eating instructions

I wrote back, reassuring him that he’s not alone in his failed attempts to eat his own cum.  Then I gave instructions before our call set for the next evening.  I think the pre-call instructions are often very important with this fetish.  Here is part of what I told him to do:

Between now and then — I want you to EDGE but do not cum.

10 TIMES — you can do this fast or slow, in several sittings or all at once

send me links if you want to watch porn so I see what you’re watching.

Cum eating porn

I love getting porn links from you because I can see what you’re watching. That gives me more control over my instructions and techniques.  I also get to see some amazing new cum shot porn!  He sent several links and I have one in mind as I’m writing this blog.

I laughed when I got this reaction from him:

omg 24 more hours, i’m already having contractions in my sissy clit

Well, of course you are!  And that arousal will only get more intense as time goes on.  I think orgasm control, tease and denial and even chastity do wonders to … ahem … inspire you to obey Mistress.  

There are many ways for a Mistress to coerce or encourage cum eating.  Check out this audio encouraging cum eating

He wants to cum. He needs to cum.

The denial is working. It always does.  Just read how horny he is!

it’s been 3 days since I jerked off, i’m already going crazy

No orgasm until you obey your Mistresscum eating training success


What works with someone who can’t eat cum?  For most, it’s a combo of encouragement, threats, control and timing.  I’ll keep you posted on all the reluctant cum eaters turned into cum addicts. Let’s talk about how you can do it too!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia