Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ass inspiration for cum eaters

I do believe that the Experienced Mistress blog post about my lovely behind really riled up the cum eaters!  ~grinz~

Would I DO that?  Hmmmmmm.  Yes I do believe I would!

This was such a fucking great call.  I know the caller from our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire.

He writes great comments on polls and those of you who are IN the Empire know that I do polls in order to interact with you in the poll comments section.  This EE member got turned into a cock sucking, cum drenched cum eater!

Cum eating on cam

How do I know that he lapped up every drop of cum?  This cum slut was on cam!  Mistress watched him take the whole load of cum.

Mistress instructions for this cum eater

He thought he was done …. but NO!  Since I watched him cum in the palm of his hand, I noticed that he had two cum dribbles on his stroking hand. “Lick up every bit of your cum load!”  ~smiles~

Do you lick up each cum spurt?

Or, are you like some and just take a taste?  I’d love your comments here, during our session OR (oh oh oh) your CUM CALL!  ~grinz~

Ms Olivia