*Note: These are tips for your Hot Wife or Sexy Girlfriend*

Grab His Hair as He Cleans You Up

Cream Pie with Ms Christine

cuckie, you’re going to love these tips!

After one of my Bulls has finally shot his load inside of me, I love to have my cuck climb up between my legs and start eating me out.  Then, I put a hand in his hair and pull him in even closer. I move his face all around my well-used and cum-filled pussy, covering all of his face with that jizz! Cuckolds love me taking control and having them feast on my boyfriend’s cum.

Talk Dirty to Your Cream Pie Licker

Do you think I’d have any fun if I just laid there and let cuckie feast on the cum in my pussy?  Please, have you met the Mistresses here at The Enchantrix Empire?  It’s so much more fun to talk dirty to them!

“Does that superior Bull cum taste good, sweetie?”
“Eat up all of that hot cum, cucky. Clean another man’s seed out of me!”
“I want you to lick up every drop of his cum sweetie.  You know that’s the cuckold’s job”
“You love licking another man’s cum from me, don’t you?”

Sit on His Face and Feed Him That Cream Pie

Hot wives, cheating girlfriends, is this not the best way to have him clean up the deposit your stud has left for him?  There’s nothing hotter than sitting your well-fucked pussy on your cuckold’s face and letting your Bull’s cum leak out of you and into his mouth. And there’s so many ways to do it. Have your cuck lie in bed, on the floor, or on the couch and straddle his face. Rest your pussy over his mouth and let the semen drip out.  Of course, the real challenge is, after the trip to Poundtown you just took and all those orgasms you had, can you even muster the strength the get up and Queen him?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine