Are You Being Denied?

It’s YOUR craving for cum that brought you here…

It must be horrible.  Being a cum addict…and being denied.  I know how much you love cum – sticky and gooey on your face and hands, slimy and sweet sliding down your throat.  Your Mistress has decided that you need to be teased and denied…or maybe even put into chastity.  Why?  Who knows!  Maybe you’re a naughty sub, a chronic masturbator with no cock control.  Maybe you did something else to displease her…or maybe she’s just doing it for the fun of it!  All you know is not only is she teasing and denying you an orgasm, she’s denying you what you truly want.  A big load of jizz!

Satisfying Your Craving

How are you going to satisfy your cum addiction if you can’t cum?  Well, does she let you stroke?  I’ll bet when she does there’s just a river of pre-cum pouring from the head of your dick, isn’t there?  Oh, I know cum slut, it’s not quite the same, but it might just tide you over until she finally lets you nut off.  Maybe she’ll ruin your orgasm, or even milk your prostate.  Oh, you’ll still be sexually frustrated, but at least you’ll address your need for cum!

Does It Have To Be Your Own Cum?

A few months back, I told a story about just what two pets I knew were willing to do to cum.  I told them if they wanted to cum, they had to get the other sub to suck them off.  Maybe that’s what this whole period of denial is all about.  Maybe your Femdom is just trying to see what you’d do, how far you would go in humiliating yourself to get a nice, juicy load of cream.  I mean, some cum junkies would do anything to get that jizz.  Oh, she knows you’ll slurp up a creampie…but would you take that cum right from the tap? I guess we’ll see want we?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine