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The Natural Next Step

First you tasted it.  Then you swallowed your own cum.  After that, you came in your face.  Now I have to take you into that devilishly good nasty cum eating zone.

My long time cum craver, Chris, went there with me recently.  He is an adventuresome spirit who enjoys trying new things, and being pushed a bit.  Happy to help you with your kinky cum eating!

All You Need is Your Finger

Okay…you also need your cock and a load of cum.  But that is it.  So you can accomplish this creative cum eating adventure with me even if you are on a business trip.  Yes…this method is made for hotel phone sex.

Remember fingerpainting?  We are going to do something very similar, except you will be using your finger to paint your face and other body parts with cum.  Only parts that you can reach with your tongue.  Because you know how I feel about cum wastage.  That is not to be permitted.  You shot it, you eat it.

Come Hydrated and Horny

I would like you to have had at least 24 hours without a release when you come to me for this session.  And make sure you have had plenty of water that day.  Have some on hand too.  I have been known to drain a cum craver a few times during a session.  Uh oh!

Of course I am going to use all of my Mistress wiles to tease you, stimulate you, and stir your juices up to the boiling point.  It is my preference to do so a few times, requiring you to edge.  It builds up energy, gets you a lot more excited, and leads to a massive release.  Now you know that cum eating also involves guided masturbation and edging.  It just gets better and better!

It’s Game Time

Just like horny Chris did, you will cum into your hand, then use a finger to paint that very warm, sticky white man juice in a wide circle around your mouth and down your chin.  Then you will paint it on the top of your knees, on your wrists, your upper arms, and finally a full coat on your hands.

Having made it to this point, you have earned the right to lick every bit of that sweet glaze of cum off of your body.  If possible, I would love to see you do this on cam.  It adds so much to my pleasure and our mutual enjoyment.  If not, do not fret.  My imagination is vivid enough to compensate.  *wink*

It is time for you to try this new nasty cum eating challenge.  I dare you.