Cum Eating with Ms Christine

Yummy cum cocktails for the holiday season…

Cum Nog

You know there really aren’t any eggs in Egg Nog right?  But if we can’t have eggs, we should certainly put the other half of the equation, sperm, into your Cum Nog!  It would be great if we could make straight Cum Nog – just some cum, a splash of actual cream – not cock cream! – and some sugar.  But, since we didn’t prepare, I don’t know how we’d get all that jizz out of you!  So let’s keep it real, with a twist… I want you to jerk off for me and spill your cum right into your cup and on top of your regular egg nog?

Hot Toddy – With A Jizz Floater!

You know what a hot toddy is right?  It’s a nice festive night cap, made with whiskey, honey and water.  You’re supposed to use boiling water, that’s what they say makes it hot – but I think we can make it super-hot if you get it all prepared, then stroke yourself off over that glass, and leave a nice stream of jizz floating on top.  I know I’m getting hot just thinking about you there pulling you pud, nutting off all over it, then sipping your holiday drink, topped with cum slowly so you can savor the taste!

Hot Cum Cocoa

Another hot drink you can make is some cocoa – nice, dark and rich, just like those big black cocks we Mistresses love so much!  This time, instead of jerking off into it, collect your cum on something else like a plate or a saucer, then just put little drops in there.  All those white droplets kind of look like mini-marshmallows, don’t they?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine