Miss Violet…Your Cum Eating Partner 800-601-6975

Are You One of the Lucky Ones?

Meaning that your lady is interested in exploring this oral fetish with you.  If so, that’s fabulous!  Remember that I am a total voyeur…I love to watch.  I have experience playing with couples on the phone.  Talking and watching them.

Think about how exciting it would be to have me join you and your lady for some naughty cum eating fun.  I will be directing the action, as you two follow my erotic instructions.  Give him a blow job.  Cum into that cup.  Pour some into the spoon.  Feed it to him.  Now snowball.  Oh my!

You Can Still Be Lucky

I will be your partner to join in with you.  My sexy voice will be urging you on; encouraging you to stroke that cock, taste your pre-cum, and then coming up with a novel way for you to eat your own cum.  Something different every time, if you like.  Hey…I like to keep things fresh.  Much like your cum!

It will be the next hottest thing to having a woman there next to you.  I really get into this fetish.  It will be just you and me in our own little cum eating world.  Tuning out everything else and focusing all of our attention on the action between us.  Make no mistake:  You will be completely controlled by Mistress.

Cum Eating With a Partner

Choose an object to have on hand for our cum eating session.  It will be my job to come up with a way to work it into the action.  That way I do not know everything that is going to happen either.  Kind of exciting, right?  Cum eating with a partner is crazy hot!

Will it be an orange?  Or perhaps a pillow.  Knowing you, it will be something really interesting like a lacrosse stick.  I can handle that!

What do you fantasize about doing with a woman in a cum eating scenario?