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 ** Question about cum eating Ms Olivia audio **

Question about cum eating

I get this type of question a lot: Does some particular sexual fetish mean something. Short answer, it depends. Okay you know I tend to give thoughtful answers to things and the reality is that there are no quick easy absolutes when it comes to human sexuality. For example, having a strapon fantasy or a cock sucking fantasy doesn’t mean you’re gay.  Some people even worry and ask, “Will eating my own make me gay?” That answer I will state without reservation, nothing will ‘make’ you gay.  Sexual preference doesn’t work that way.

Answer to question about being gay

I had one caller who was worried about his cum eating fetish and I said, why not always think about licking cum off her body?  WOW, that did the trick so to speak! He never worried about being gay or bi because he was either licking cum off her breasts or thinking about it. Sometimes people call phone sex and get help with life problems. I wonder if I should propose phone sex as a life hack! I have said that phone sex with this Experienced Mistress is like therapy with a happy ending!

Eat your own cum off your partner

Since I started talking about involving your partner in your cum eating fantasy, that’s what the next blog post will be about.  Lots of people want to know how to involve a wife or girlfriend in some kinky play.  Honestly, it’s a tricky move and one that you should think about first.  But, if you do it and it works out well then the rewards are worth it!  We’ll talk about that next!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia