That Christmas Present Can Be Used When Cum Eating

Cum Eating with Ms Christine

Start the New Year with Healthy Cum Smoothies…

Did you get one of those hot new blenders for ChrismaKwanzaHannukah?  You know, either the ones that have the single serve cups or even the full-size super blender that can pulverize anything into a smoothie?  Well let’s put it to use, and not just to make a crummy treat, but to make a treat that will sweeten up your cum!

A Cum Sweetening Smoothie

You’re a cum eating pro, so of course you already know that what you eat affects the taste of your cum.  So, we’re going to make this cum smoothie with all kinds of ingredients that will make a tasty smoothie and will help sweeten your cum and make it pleasurable for you to swallow your jizz going forward.  Grab some pineapple, some wheatgrass and something like strawberries or blueberries.  Add lots of water (coconut water is great in smoothies) and ice – if you keep well hydrated, your cum will be thinner, and for those of you who don’t like spunk’s consistency, that will help.

Don’t Forget The Cum!

I probably should have given you these directions first!  Stroke and tease yourself for me, for a good half hour or more.  Try to get in at least five edges.  The more edges, the more cum your balls will churn out!  When you can’t stand the teasing anymore, nut off into a shot glass.  Now add that cream to your smoothie.  Blend it all up, then savor your cum slushy!  The more of these you drink, the sweeter you’re cum will taste.  One rule however – I want you to limit yourself to one a day.  One orgasm, one delicious cum eating smoothie! It’ll be a healthy and delicious start to each day!

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