What Makes Cum Eating A Submissive Act?

Cum Eating with Mistress Christine

Does it make you feel submissive?

For many of my cum eating slaves, the very act of slurping their own spooge is just the delicious whipped topping to an outstanding phone sex fantasy session.  They don’t feel that they’ve actually shown me their submissiveness until that jizz slide down their throat and they give me a lip-smacking “YUM!”  What makes it all so submissive?  Hey, I love swallowing cum from one of my big cocked Bulls, and there ain’t a submissive bone in my body!

Is It The Humiliation of Cum Eating?

A man eating cum is in a bit of a humiliating position, isn’t he?  Women are supposed to swallow when that cock jets off in their mouth, but cum eating isn’t something that a man is supposed to be doing – his own or someone else’s.  So there is that humiliation aspect of having your lover kiss you after she’s blown you, or having your hot wife watch while you suck off her Bull, or cleaning out her well used pussy after he’s given her the gift of his cum.  It’s believed that cum eating isn’t something you’re supposed to do as a guy, so doing it at the command of someone else is certainly a submissive act.

Or, Is It Just Because I Command It?

I am a stickler for politeness, and what’s more polite than cleaning up after yourself.  All of my pets are required to slurp up their sperm after I allow them the great gift of being allowed to spurt in my presence. Cum Eating, where I have a men eat thier own cum, is just one more aspect of the total control over their orgasm and cock that I hold. And I think that’s what makes it such a submissive act.

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