Cum Tastes Horrible

Cum Eating with Ms. Christine

Don’t believe everything you hear…

Any cum eating fan will tell you that it tastes the way you want it to taste – or maybe I should say, the way you make it taste.  Everything we eat gets broken down in our bodies, and some of those flavor molecules can end up in your jizz.  If your cum tastes funky, it probably has something to do with what you’re eating.  Just by changing your diet, you can sweeten the taste for your cum eating fun.  Try fruits, especially thing like pineapples, to sweeten your cum.  If the consistency is off putting, make sure you drink lots of water – most of spooge is water, so if you’re dehydrated it’s going to be thicker.  You know what actually makes cum creamier  – a.k.a. more appealing to the tongue?  Prolonged teasing, edging and denial!  That load will be big and creamy… and oh, so yummy.

Cum Eating Is For Women

I’m sorry, she swallows, so should you!  You guys who get blowjobs – I know, it’s a small minority of you, but, there you are – you expect her to swallow that ripe load you fill her mouth with, don’t you?  So, if she’s going to swallow, you should too – cum eating is fun afterall.  If only so that you know what a special gift it is when she does that for you.  And it’s soooo sexy to share a snowball with guy and watch him swallow that load of spunk.  Then again, maybe you just don’t want to swallow because it’s not “manly”…which leads us to your last myth….

Cum Eating Makes You Gay

It does not!  You know what makes you gay?  Liking men instead of women, that’s what makes you gay!  Does licking up your hot wife’s cream pie make you gay?  How could it, besides eating that delicious cum, you’re eating her pussy! If you’re going to eat cum, what makes it gay when you’re eating it straight from the tap?  Cum eating by itself will not turn you gay or make you gay.  There’ no special gay hormones in cum!  Now, if you start sucking cock and taking it up the ass?  Well, then we might want to have a talk…..

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