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Mistress talks to women about cum eating

I’ve talked to some of my vanilla girl friends at the gym and mentioned (a very cleaned up version) of cum eating.  I was sort of surprised just how grossed out some of the ladies were and I wasn’t even graphic!

Mistress talks to women about blow jobs

I actually was so surprised by the reaction from these “vanilla” women that I blurted out, “What do you do when you give him a blow job?  I mean if YOU swallow, why shouldn’t HE taste it too?”  WOAH!  The reaction!  Okay, I know that I’m sexually adventurous….but come on!  ~laughs~

Wife’s reaction to his need to eat cum

Last Tuesday, I wrote about this caller fascinating by cum and dreaming of eating his own cum.  You’ll recall he finally got up the alcohol induced nerve to tell his wife.  Here’s what he said and her reaction:

He writes:  “I then opened my mouth and said to my wife, “oh baby, I going to cum. shoot it in my mouth and I will eat it.

Right before I was about to cum. My wife said, “Gross!!.” I closed my mouth and she shoot my cum to the side of my head.

I just laid there after that being so embarrassed. My wife then got up and went to bed.

The next day she asked me so what do you think about last night. I told her I do not remember anything. I drank way to much. From that day on I wish I would have not said anything and had my wife shoot my cum in my mouth. I want to eat my cum so so so bad. I just wish I had a partner that had the same sexual desires and same fantasy as me. Help me!!”

Your cum coaches can help!

Well, I can’t change your wife but I can be your cum coach and willing partner.  Oh and just to let you know, my partner was scared to tell me about his cum eating fantasies but I have special skills and got the words outta him.  HOT fucking HOT!  Just sayin’.

Ms Olivia