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Sometimes phone sex callers want to get a wife or girlfriend involved in a sexual fantasy and call this Experienced Mistress for advice. You will never be able to make a woman do something she doesn’t want to do but there are ways to increase your chance of success. There are some general tips for how to share your cum eating fetish with her.

Sharing a secret sexual fetish is scary

You have a secret sexual fetish and you want to share it but you know that once you do this is something that your partner will never ‘unlearn’ about you. So, be very sure that you want to run the risk of sharing your cum eating fetish.

Sometimes it’s exciting to keep the fetish on the down low but have your phone sex Mistress talk about your partner in the fantasy you are both doing. That’s what happened with this phone sex caller.   Here’s an example of what he wrote:

“I wanted to take my cum eating with my wife to the next level, but could not come up with a way. Many ideas came to mind. Eating cum from her pussy, her ass, off her tits were all ideas, but that would not work. Then it came to me.

“What if I froze my cum and used it later. That way there would be a supply of cum while I was still aroused. Having the orgasms to produce the cum would not be a problem, but I would have to be clever how to store the frozen cum to avoid discovery by anyone else. I came up with a brilliant idea. I take daily meds and often use one of those plastic pill holders to ensure I take the pills every day. It has seven separate compartments, each with its own lid that is almost water tight. This could also be more easily hidden in the back of the freezer than a standard ice cube tray.”

What happens with those cum filled ice cubes?

You’re going to find out!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Oliva