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Origins of a Mistress who tricks men into cum eating

It was in college. I was adventurous and well …. More than a bit naughty. I didn’t know I would eventually become a Femdom phone sex Mistress but if I think about it, the signs were there. I like to be in charge. I like to experiment sexually. I’m not shy about trying new erotic things. I get turned on by naughty sex and fetish sex is fucking FUN!

I think cum eating is sexy and naughty. FYI, cum eating a common fantasy for lots of people … men and even women like me! So, even though I wasn’t fully who I am now … I did have that one boyfriend that I tricked into cum eating.  He wasn’t sure if he thought cum eating was kinky or crazy even AFTER he did it!

The three way with cum eating!

I set things up so my boyfriend was with me when a male friend came over. It was a casual evening; we were having drinks and hanging out. My boyfriend didn’t know what was in store but my guy friend did. He was bi sexual and he knew that he was going to get a blow job that night and my lips weren’t going to be on his cock! I was going to make my boyfriend suck his cock!

Tricked into sucking cock

I’ll admit it, I got my boyfriend more than a little … ahem … relaxed and then started getting all flirty and sexy. He got hard, of course he did. The other guy got hard as well …. Maybe because of my naughty flirts and maybe because he knew my boyfriend was going to be turned into a cock sucker that night. Maybe his arousal was a bit of both!

Reliving that experience by eating cum

You’ll have to call to get the full details of what happened during our three way but I can tell you that this is a common experience for guys who call for cum eating phone sex. Cum eating is HOT! There was a very powerful experience and now they might not be in a situation to suck cock but they crave the taste of cum to relive the intensity of a bi sexual experience.

Do you crave the taste of cum?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia