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Does your real life partner like cum eating?

Having a cum eating fetish is quirky.  Some women hate it and think it’s really gross. Some think it’s hot when you take your own load!

I’m one of those women who think that it’s so sexy in a very naughty way when you eat your own cum for me.

telling your partner about your cum eating fantasy

Here’s first first part of this blog post series inspired by a caller comment.

He says:  “I have tried ( to eat my own cum ) but seem to chicken out every time. I do not know why. Maybe it stem from when I was younger I did not care for the taste of my cum. But I have such an urge to eat my cum I dream about it all the time.

One night when my wife and I were drinking a little to much we started to fool around with each other. We ended up do sixty-nine and she cum in my mouth. I still have not cum yet. I was laying on my back and my wife was rubbing my dick. I was think to myself I want to eat my cum. I raised my hips a little and then a little more. My wife started rubbing me faster. I then lifted my legs over my head and had my dick right over my mouth. My wife rubbed even faster.  I then opened my mouth and said to my wife, “oh baby, I’m going to cum, shoot it in my mouth and I will eat it.”

What did his wife say about his cum eating offer?

Have any of YOU tried to tell (or told a partner) about your cum fantasies?  What was the reaction?  You’ll find out the reaction of his wife next Tuesday so stay tuned for that post and I’m looking forward to your comments here!

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