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Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Are you a sissy?

There are all kinds of individuals and, remember, YOU are an individual with your expression of any kink, fetish and erotic desire.  How do you know you’re a cum guzzling sissy slut or maybe even a sissy cock sucker?  ~grinz~   I’ve got one thing that is a good way to … ahem … TEST your sissy abilities.  I adore all of My sissy training like this one about training sissy to give a lap dance!  ~smiles~

Testing sissy ability

After all, what better way to know you’re being the best sissy you can be then to get some of that sissy face cream all over your face!?  Hmmmmm!  I know!  I’ll admit I adore seeing a sissy facial, cum facials are also called bukkake and that is among My favorite visual!  Go for it!

What IS sissy cream?

Well remember, if you’re in chastity, then while you love having cummies, you don’t get to actually HAVE the cummie unless your Mistress says you can be let out of chastity AND get to cum.  You can get some equivalent cummies by doing a sissy milking session.  ~grinz~  Mistress can guide into how to do that while in chastity because you know you shouldn’t be rubbing your clitty until Mistress gives permission.  You know that sissy can be very naughty and Mistress needs to control all those sissy urges.  BUT, channeled into productive use, those naughty urges can be put to good use!

Mistress puts sissy on a cum eating training program

Some sissies need to prepare for your cock sucking and cum lapping roll in life.  If you’re going to be a member of My suck patrol then you will need to begin basic training!  That means sissy will practice all that slurping, gobbling and swallowing!  And, your training begins right now!

Now, you know I can’t say ALL the explicit and naughty things I want to say, because this blog isn’t password protected like the special sissy assignments on My main blog Experienced Mistress.  ~grinz~

What kind of sissy training program do you YEARN to be on?

Tell Me in the comments!  Remember, I’m going to be away and offline from Wednesday noon (eastern, US timezone) until early Monday morning March 11th.  I’ll answer your blog comments, emails and be ready for your calls when I return…so leave comments!  ~grinz~

Ms Olivia