It’s Erotic to Shoot a Load of Cum on Food

Let’s talk about your newest obsession…

It’s exciting and nasty, naughty and thrilling and beautiful all at once.  Just seeing fresh, hot cum squirting onto some food you know will get eaten makes you cock even harder, but actually planning it out is like extended foreplay!  Regardless of who ultimately ends up eating the cum, be it you or somebody else (oh, what am I saying, you know you’re going to be slurping up that spunk), the fun begins when you go to the store and look for foods that will go well with fresh jizz!

Cum Covered Food Makes the Meal Come Alive

Some foods will soak up the semen right away, like soft butter on warm toast.  Others may let the semen and sperm pool on top as it slowly settles, turning from an off-whitish color to clear right before your eyes. Don’t you love it when you squirt into your morning coffee?  A large ejaculation may completely drench foods such as a cookie, or fill most of the squares on a waffle, which is why sometimes I really like edging your for hours, building up a huge load in those balls!  So many combinations of cum and food.

Cum is the Spice of Life

Whether eating alone or sharing cum with someone else, the taste of cum is energizing.  The flavor can be so different, from slightly bitter to slightly sweet (check out this link if you need to sweeten your cum).  As a cooking ingredient, it can add a subtle hint of erotic aroma, even if the taste is imperceptible.  Just knowing it’s there is a wild turn on, isn’t it?.  To really cook with it though, you need quite the supply of spooge.  Learn to store your cum in the fridge or freezer and you’ll always have enough on hand!

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