Your Wife’s Demand

You said you wanted porn star sex…

The last time you had sex with your wife, you begged her to act like a porn star.  And she did, moaning wildly, telling you to fuck her harder and faster, screaming out how good you were fucking her, how it made her feel so good.  You wanted the whole porn experience didn’t you?  So, when it was time, you pulled out and sprayed your jizz all over her pussy and tummy.  She was not pleased about that!  She demanded that since you came on her, you had to clean it up.  With your tongue!

Does She Know What a Cum Slut You Are

I’m betting if she didn’t before, she knew as soon as you eagerly bent down, without any delay, and started licking up all that spunk.  Maybe she didn’t know…not until she could hear your moans and quiet sighs of delight as you cleaned her up.  Still think she doesn’t know?  Well how about when you were done, and she saw that smile on your face?  Then she pulled you close and kissed you, her tongue dancing around your mouth.  “Wow!” she exclaimed, “Cummy breath, but you really did swallow it all down.”  Then she pushed you away a bit, looked down and said, “And clean as a whistle.  Good job!”

Cum Games

So, now it’s become a cum game, hasn’t it?  She has made it very clear that from now on, if you cum on her, it’s your responsibility to clean it up.  So now, you cum on her every time, don’t you?  I’ll bet she’s very happy to have a cum cleaner for a husband!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine