Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Having trouble taking your load?

If you’re cum curious but have trouble getting over that hurdle of eating your own cum, why not have TWO Mistresses turn you into a cum eater?  ~grinz~  After all, sometimes TWO really IS better than 1!  ~laughs~  Can you handle 2 Mistresses?

Many of you already do 2 Mistress calls

I did a poll about 2 Mistress calls on our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire.  About half of you say you’ve already done 2 Mistress calls.  You’ll see how a two Mistress call helped to create a new cum eater in just a bit….but for now….let’s focus on you!

Tease and denial cum eating

I love to tease and deny a submissive with another Mistress.  Ms Christine and I have similar hours and are great together on the phone!  (Just sayin’.)  There are so many ways to torment you.  I will say that the denial part of tease and denial will make a pet VERY … ahem …. willing to follow instructions to eat cum!  ~grinz~

First time cum eating experience

This caller was cum curious but couldn’t get over the “cum and go syndrome”.  His primary Mistress, Ms Tia, created a solution that was very effective!  Here’s what TeasedM has to say about 2 Mistress cum eating:

“I loving doing a two Mistress calls with my Mistress Tia and another Mistress.
Mistress Tia only allows me release from chastity with another Mistress to share the fun if hearing me beg and plead.
With Mistress Oliva’s help they made me eat cum for the first time. Mistress Ryan made sure I did it the second time.
Mistress Tia has now made it a requirement for release – I have to lick up every drop.”

Lick up every drop of cum!

Now, it’s YOUR turn … what gets you over the “hump” so to speak?  ~grinz~

Ms Olivia