You’ll eat cum for me, won’t you?

You Say You Can’t Eat It

I know you have fantasies of tasting your own cum.  Have they been tormenting you? We’ve done calls where you tried to lick it up many times already without success.  I honestly don’t know who’s more disappointed afterwards, me or you.  You apologize so profusely, and I think once, I might have even heard your crying.  You’ve tried so hard, but you just can’t get over that hump. Once you actually got a tiny taste of it on your tongue and shivered with revulsion because…well it sounded really hot before you shot your load, but not when it really came down to licking up that jizz.

The Cum Coach Can Help

One of my skills as a Cum Mistress and Cum Coach is getting you to that ultimate goal of swallowing a whole load before you lose the desire. And right now I have two ways to get you there.  Everyone is different, not everything works for everyone, that’s why I’ve had to come up with two unique ways to get you eating cum!  The first is very physically demanding, although when you do it on cam, it is so hot for me! Lie on the floor with your legs straight up against a bed or wall and throw your hips up when I finally give you permission to spew and let gravity do its thing.  Your still hot and horny, so there’s no losing the desire after you cum!

Pour yourself a tasty treat!

For my second trick – well, your second trick, really- you need to be multi-orgasmic or not require hours to recover from one enough to have another.  Young studs are great at this one! I will just keep  ruining your orgasm and leave you still psychologically needing to cum. All that ruined spooge will just go into a cup or onto a plate. Every ruined orgasm means another round of jerking and… well once there’s no more cum coming out, we’ll have you lick it up.  I just love recycling!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine