There are a whole host of reasons I want you to eat cum…but these are my Top 3!…lol, I think 😉

Eat Cum for Ms Christine

A few of my favorites!

It Shows How Much I Control You

Eating cum is a very submissive act.  For me, it ranks right up there with having a pet suck cock or give up his ass.  Men don’t eat spunk, so having a pet do that for me just because I ask is a wild turn-on.  It makes me even wetter when they’re initially reluctant to do it, and after the first few times, they’re actually begging me to swallow a load!  Turning a man into a cum slut makes me tingle in all the right spots!

It’s Humiliating

For some submissives, the act of eating their own cum is intensely humiliating.  Like sucking cock, or taking cock up their ass, it’s a huge taboo.  They think it makes them gay, or less of a man, and that turns them on.  These type of slaves usually have to be coerced into eating their jizz, so it lets me engage in one of my other favorite scenes – prolonged tease and denial!  After being edged 20 or more times, most of you will do anything if I just give you permission to climax.

You Should Clean Up Your Mess

Whether you’re in to eating your spooge, or you need a little convincing, you’re going to be cockteased.  All that teasing, all those edges, all those denied orgasms just get your balls churning.  When I finally do give you a release, those tormented balls produce a huge load….and cum is messy!  It’s sticky and you shoot it everywhere.  You made the mess…don’t you think it’s only fair that you clean it up?