There is always something to love about it

Mistress Tells You To

Isn’t this the best reason to eat cum – simply because I tell you to?  For me, having you eat your own cum just shows me how submissive you are, how willing to do whatever is asked of you.  It’s especially powerful – and send tingles to my special places – if you really don’t want to!  When you’re doing it for no other reason than because I ask – or order you to – then I really know I have control of you.  And speaking of that…

The Humiliation

It’s humiliating to eat your own jizz, isn’t it?  Men don’t eat cum, women do.  The question has been asked though, she swallows, so why won’t you?  You expect your wife or your girlfriend – maybe even that sissy or transgender – to swallow your spooge when you nut off (oh, I used it!), but it’s too good for you?  You’ve given me control of your cock, so you’re really not a man, so you might as well follow through and just swallow down that load!

You’re a Cumslut

You love the taste of nice, creamy spunk, don’t you?  Maybe it isn’t the taste, maybe it’s the texture, slick and warm, sliding over your teeth and tongue.  Do you swish that load of nut butter all around your mouth?  You, my cum eater, are a cum slut!  I don’t even have to tell you to eat your seed, do I?  In fact, it would probably be worse for you if I told you you couldn’t have that cum.  That’s how badly you crave it!