Eating Cum for Mistress Christine

Don’t you want to lick your cum from her…

One Reason I Make You Eat Cum

For some guys, there’s a huge fetish in cumming on their partner.  I mean, look at porn!  I know it’s all about the “money shot” and seeing the evidence that the guy has jizzed, but every porno has scenes where the guys – or guys – cum on her face, on her chest, all over her ass – anywhere really.  That’s one reason why I got into to having guys eat their own cum.  Why should it stay on me?  So, here are three ways you can eat cum off your partner – male or female.

The Pearl Necklace

So common, it has its own name!  There you are, you cock in her mouth, and she feels that swelling in your cock, pulls it out, and starts jerking it, until you nut off all over her neck and her upper chest, and those droplets of jizz form a white, pearly necklace.  She was nice enough to give you a blowjob, you should at least have the consideration to clean her up!

Her Ass

You’re doing her doggie style, taking her to Pound Town, but she wants you to pull out, stoke and spunk all over her bottom.  You shudder and shake as you blast your load all over her cheeks.  Then she looks over her shoulder, a smile on her face and says “Kiss my ass!”  Make sure you cover it with kisses and get every last drop.

Her Feet

One of my favorites!  I love giving a slow, sensual footjob, bringing you to edge after edge, running the soft, silky skin of my soles all over your cock until you just can’t take it anymore. When your begging is finally enough, I give you permission to cum, and you spill your load all over my pretty feet.  Now, slut, worship them, kiss and lick them with your tongue and make sure you clean up all that special lotion!