Ready for some fun with cum eating?

On Toast

For a dedicated cum slut like you, I don’t think there’s anything better than creamed cum on toast!  Put that bread in the toaster and push down the button, then start stroking for me, slut!  Just make sure you wait for the toaster to pop before you do.  Then get that toast on a plate right in front of your dick, and shoot off all over it.  Yummy!

In Your Coffee

Need a little pick-me-up first thing in the morning?  Did you wake up sexy?  With some morning wood?  Well, don’t waste it.  Put the coffee on, and while it brews, go ahead and stroke.  I hope Mr. Coffee doesn’t take too long, because I’m sure the sexy dreams you had of me, Ms. Olivia and Miss Violet already had you ready to “cream your coffee”!

In A “Cock”tail

This one takes a bit of planning, but it’s fun. Fill up an ice cube tray with cum shots – one wank per cube.  Fill the rest of it up with water.  Next time you make yourself a “cock”tail, make sure you use your special ice cubes.  I think a Rob Roy is oddly appropriate – although I did get a drink called “pussy Juice” the other night at the club…. Hopefully you’re not one of our chastity slaves, because if you are, you’ll need permission to fill that tray up, now won’t you?

What other fun ways do you have to eat your own cum?  Let us know in the comments!