Some of you are cum curious You tell me you want to eat your own cum, but then when the time “cums”, you back out of our deal.  For many of you, it’s not having the cum in your mouth, it’s the swallowing.  So here are three tips on how to finish up and swallow that load.

Ready to swallow?

Is It The Aftertaste?

Jizz can leave a bitter aftertaste, but that shouldn’t stop you from swallowing it!  I can’t speak for other Mistresses here at The Enchantrix Empire, but for me, sometimes having you eat your cum is about helping you to overcome your fear of it, or having you do something naughty and taboo.  I just want you to swallow it, so once you’ve gotten down, and you’ve gotten a taste, I’ll let you rinse out your mouth with some water.  I know the more you taste, the more addicted you’ll become!

Hold Your Nose

Your sense of smell is an important part of your sense of taste.  You know when your head is all stuffed up, things don’t taste right.  Well, when you’ve got a full load of cream in your mouth, try swallowing without breathing through your nose.  It’ll cut down on the strong cummy flavor!


Now sometimes, either because I’m feeling particularly cruel and  I just feel like it, or because I’m training you to love the taste of spunk – I’ll have you hold that load of creamy goodness in your mouth before I let you swallow.  If I don’t tell you that, though, just feel free to swallow it all down in one gulp.  Now, this usually won’t work if you’ve nutted off in your hand – but it’s great if you’ve cum into a shot glass.  Just think, of it as a spooge shooter!