Here on our Cum Eating Blog, we want to make sure that your cum eating experience is enjoyable.  Some men lose the urge to eat cum as soon as they’ve cum.  Some are absolute cum junkies, and can’t get enough…. This post isn’t really for you!  Here are 4 quick tips on how to get started eating your own jizz.

Dip Your Finger In And Lick A Bit

…just a few tips to get you started!

You can be certain that before I let you nut off and shoot a big load for me, I’m going to tease, edge and deny you for a while.  What’s going to happen with all that teasing?  Do you think that horny cock might just leak a bit of pre-cum?  Of course it will!  Pre cum isn’t quite as strong as the full dose, as it were, so why don’t you just get a taste?  Dip your finger in there, and then lick it off…then go back for more!

Give Yourself A Cum Eating Facial

We have to strike while the balls are pumping!  You’re all hot for cum eating when I’m edging you, but once all that seed has been pumped out, you aren’t so keen on it, are you?  Well, if you’re flexible enough, let’s have you jerk that cock off all over your face and right into your mouth.  You’ll be all excited to swallow it down if you’re doing it while you’re nutting off! And I know a trick or two to make this one happen.

Mix Your Cum Eating With Food

Mixing your spunk in with some food can be an excellent way to eat your own cum shot.  Let’s be honest.  I can tease and deny you, keep you in chastity, but no matter how long I do that, that load in your balls is still only going to be a tablespoon or so, at most.  Mix that in with some food, and you might not even taste it.  You’ll still be eating your own spooge though!

Just Do It!

That’s right, be like Mike and JUST DO IT!  How many times have you told me you’ll eat your cum for me?  Just be a man, and live up to your cum eating word!  I’ve had lots of experience coaching reluctant cum eaters to swallow their jizz, and let me tell you this.  Almost every one of them has “cum” back for more! 😉

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