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20 Loads of Cum

This week, Cummy Bear let me know that he has been saving up his cum.  He now has 20 loads saved up.  This is a record number of cum loads for him to save.  How exciting to discover that he has been inspired to achieve this impressive load of jizz.
I loved his suggestion to do another sizzling two Mistress phone sex session with me and Miss Mandy.  I can imagine what the two of us will do with this fun guy and all of that cum.  It will not be my first time coating a cum craver in creamy man juice, but it will be Cummy Bear’s first time experiencing this.  It really is a whole new level of wow!

50 Loads of Cum

You read that right.  My overachiever, D, has been saving his cum for months now for this cum eating game. He wants to have a major blow out session with me and Ms Delia.  He has a good idea of what we will do to him with all of that sperm to use.  D has eaten about 20 loads of cum for me in the past and was shocked by how much that was, once I started coating him with it.
“I love that feeling of completely trusting you, putting myself in your hands, completely surrendering myself to you to the point I will do anything you say, even new things like mouthfuls of cum for the first time! …I never second guess what you tell me to do Violet!  I WANT to do whatever you say and want you SEEING ME do it LIVE ON CAM!  I love that feeling of having no willpower on calls with you, of NOT wanting willpower, of wanting you to continually push my limits. It is an uncontrollable feeling Violet.”

As The Session Nears

He has been sending me a lot of emails about our upcoming two Mistress session with him.  Clearly D’s excitement level is nearing a new record level as well as he prepares to turn fantasy into reality.
“I never feel as quite as desperate as I do hearing your voice while I am in that state of complete and total vulnerability!
Totally vulnerable and total trust at the same time!  AND SOOOOO TABOO!  I LOVE  THAT YOU ARE IN ON THAT SECRET!
All of that but the thrill is knowing you are seeing me so in that weakened state for you so we BOTH KNOW I am not faking it! I really DO everything you say with my own cum! You really DO have that affect on me Violet! VIOLET KNOWS WHAT I LOOK LIKE IN MY MOST DESPERATE CARNAL MOMENTS!”

Are 200 Loads Next?

Before D has even eaten all 50 loads he has been saving, his naughty imagination is leading him to think of going further:
“I WOULD EASILY DO 200 CUM LOADS FOR YOU VIOLET! EASILY!!!!  And I DO have a shallow glass container like that so you two CAN Double Dip me!  A CUM VAT!  If we don’t get our call soon I fear I will be over 50 loads. I just can’t help myself Violet. You turned me into a cum saver!”

Taking Bets on It

Do you think D will retain his sanity, as his excitement mounts?  Will D get completely spun up and forget he saved all of this cum?  Do you think D will get so excited that he bypasses eating 50 loads and goes careening wildly for the 200 loads???

All of these questions, and more, will be answered.  Stay tuned for the results of his incredible 50 load two Mistress session.  I am so excited and have ideas racing through my mind all day long!