You Need A Jerk Jar

Your very own little yummy jar!

You are such a kinky cum eating slut, aren’t you?  Once you got that first taste of jizz, you were hooked.  Now, you just can’t get enough spunk, can you?  If you didn’t have a Masturbatrix like me to control your cock, you’d jerk off twenty times a day, just to get that bittersweet cream, wouldn’t you?  Well, I think it’s time you got yourself a jerk jar.

A Jerk Jar Is Not What You Think

Oh, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that you’re going to collect all your cum in that jar and then eat it all up, aren’t you?  Well, that isn’t what a jerk jar is for.  No, my cum eating pet, a jerk jar is to remind you just what a cum junkie you’ve become.  You need to get yourself a jar, and then write your name and “Jerk Jar” on it in permanent marker.  Leave it out somewhere where you will be sure to see it.  Make sure it is the first thing you see in the morning – in fact, take it into the bathroom and leave it on the counter next to the sink when you start your day – and the last thing you see at night before you go to bed.  There’s only two things you need to put in that jerk jar – a pencil, some unwrapped condoms, and a piece of note paper.

Using Your Cum Eating Jerk Jar

From now on, you’re going to jerk off into a condom and eat your spunk from it!  And that note paper – well, it’s going to be your jerking off and cum eating journal.  From now on, every time I allow you to stroke my cock, you will write it down, and then you’ll write down what I had you do with that cum. Oh, sometimes, I might let you eat it out of your hand.  Other times, I might just make your face look like a donut – a cum glazed donut!  In the morning, you can take your cum eating journal out, and fold it up in  your wallet.  That way, you can pull it out during the day and see just what a cum slut I’ve turned you into!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine