Chastity Cum Eating … Unlocked For Teasing

Cum Eating for Ms Christine

…is this making you thirsty?

The door swings open and there I am… Your Cum Eating Mistress, your tormentor… your everything!  I beckon you over and as I fondle your chastity cage, I laugh at you, and say, “you’ve been waiting so long for this, haven’t you? For Mistress to tease and torment your cock, to play with you. Your cock and balls look so swollen and uncomfortable in that cage……… Here, let me unlock that for you!”  After I have freed that trapped dick, it swells to its…well not impressive…full size. “Now let me tell you what’s going to happen…”

You Are Allowed To Stroke

“You’re going to listen to my exact guided masturbation instructions. You will start stroking your cock just like I tell you to …. No faster …. No slower …. Just precisely as I instruct.  Oh, and chastity pet, under no circumstances do I want to see even the smallest droplet of jizz come from that cock. Seems strange for a cum eating tale, doesn’t it?  But I’ve had you locked up for over 3 months now, and if that period of chastity hasn’t taught you any self-control, we’ll just have to start all over again, won’t we?”  So, I give you your guided masturbation instructions, and in no time at all, you’re pumping away furiously.

It’s Cum Eating – You Can’t Hold Back That Cum

Soon enough the urge to explode begins rising deep within those painfully swollen, desperate, blue ball and you say…pleading…begging “May I cum?  Please, Ms. Christine!”  I just laugh at you, “silly boy! Of course you aren’t permitted to cum yet! We’ve only been playing for about an hour.  Don’t you want to know what’s going to happen if you fail me?” I lean down, my mouth close to your ear and whisper, “if any of that nasty spunk comes out without my permission….you are going to eat it all up for me!”  No sooner had those words left my lips, you felt the sensations of an inevitable orgasm, just as you past the point of no return.  You didn’t try to fight it, that would have just ruined your orgasm – the one you’d been waiting 3 months for!  And then, all you could do was stare in horror and one by one, each thick rope of spooge was caught by my waiting hand. When it was full you watched as said hand rose toward your waiting, open mouth…..

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine