Be my Accidental Cum Eater
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How does that Happen

Apparently accidental cum eating is not all that rare.  Perhaps you are one of those guys who while jerking off, shot a load out hard and it went all over your face, including into your mouth.

I hear that it is quite a shock at the time.  However, for some men it is the moment where their cum eating fetish began.  Easy to understand.

Breaking the Barrier

You want to eat your cum, but there is something that stops you.  A mental barrier that will not let you keep your mouth open.  At the moment you cum, you slam your mouth shut, turn your head, or aim your jet stream off course.

I know you really want to be a cum eater.  My theory is that you will get there.  It just takes practice.  But an accidental cum eater moment could be the breakthrough you need.  The method below is great for a beginning cum eater and those who have not been able to actually eat their cum yet.

How to Make  it Happen

I believe that seeing your cum shoot out of your cock triggers that mental barrier.  My suggestion is that you blindfold yourself, get into position to shoot a load into your mouth.  Stroke and edge for at least 20 minutes to build up a lot of excitement.  I find that this results in explosive orgasms, and makes it easier to eat your load.

When you cum, you will be aware it is happening, but not being able to see it shoot out gives you a better chance of not chickening out.  Just keep your mouth open and let yourself go fully into the tremendous excitement you have created by edging.  And then…voila!  Your hot cum load is safely in your mouth.  Swallow.   It is that easy.

Now I am Curious

How many of you had an accidental cum eating experience before you became a cum craver?

Those of you who try this blindfold technique, let me know how it goes for you.  You can do it!

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