I recently received several emails from dedicated cum eaters and that gave me some naughty ideas. You know I love the taboo fun of turning a reluctant cum eater into a cum junkie. Now, it’s time to take those of you who DO eat your own cum to the next level? Are you ready?  I’ve got a brand-new cum eating challenge for you today. Are you ready for it?

A Multiple Orgasm Cum Eating Challenge

For this cum eating challenge, I’m going to need you to cum multiple times. This means, no jerking off before you start the challenge because you’re so excited about it. It may also mean that you’ll have better luck completing it if you go a few days without orgasm before you begin the challenge. Whatever you do, just make sure you can cum more than once for me.

coached to eat cum by Experienced Mistress OliviaNow, this cum eating challenge is all about submitting to me. I’m going to make all the decisions for this game, and you’re going obey. First of all, I’m going to pick the amount of time that you engage in edging between orgasms. As you probably already know, the more you edge, the larger your cum load will be when I let you have an orgasm. So the more I can edge you, the more you’ll have to eat in the end. So you should know that I’m going to edge you as many times as possible!

I’ll Choose Some Other Cum Eating Instructions As Well

Of course, this won’t be the only cum eating instruction (CEI) that you receive. I’m also planning on telling you how to eat it for me. This includes things like licking it off your fingers, slurping it up off of a plate, drinking it out of a shot glass, or eating it on top of food.

It also includes whether or not I allow you to eat it fresh or if I have you make cum cubes. Cum cubes, in case you aren’t already aware, are frozen cubes of cum that you make in ice trays. You shoot your load(s) into the individual squares of the tray and freeze the whole thing. After a few hours, you’ll have cum cubes to either eat by themselves or put into a cold drink to make it extra refreshing!

CEI From An Experienced Mistress

And naturally, the way I choose these things is also up to me. I may flip a coin, roll some dice, spin a wheel, draw numbers out of a hat, or simply decide on my own accord what I’m going to have you do. Your job is not to question, but to do as you’re told. The more obedient you are, the better your cum eating challenge with your Experienced Mistress will go!

I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to this. It’s always fun to me to help you guys complete my cum eating challenges. I enjoy playing with my cum eaters and teaching you new ways to enjoy our favorite fetish.

The great thing about this particular challenge is that it doesn’t really require you to have anything other than your hands and possibly some lube. If I decide to have you cum on a plate or in a glass or something, you’ll need that as well. But most of what you might need is simply things you’ll most likely have around your home. You won’t have to go purchase anything special to complete this challenge.

So if you’re ready to begin this cum eating challenge, I would love to hear from you. I am really looking forward to doing this one with you!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia