The Way the Mind Works

Being a highly creative person myself, I understand how the creative mind works.  It requires inspiration…a muse if you will.  I adore being your cum eating muse.  Giving you cum eating ideas, cum eating challenges, and pushing your boundaries with it.

For you creative types, I have discovered a really fun way for you to eat your cum that is an art form all its own.  I call it Cum Painting.  All you need is your cock, your cum, and a finger.  Odds are you have all of that on hand, or can get it quickly.  *wink*

Working You Up

Here is where my muse skills come in.  I use my seductive voice to coax you into stroking that eager cock in all sorts of unusual, fantastic, gasp inspiring ways.  I encourage you to edge a little longer, another time or two.  I tell you how you are pleasing me, because if you are doing as I say…you are definitely pleasing me.

This method is not for you if you lose all interest in cum eating once you cum.  This is for you who already know you like to eat your cum.  You thrill to the naughtiness of it all.  You crave another warm, creamy load in your mouth.  I say this because it takes a while to apply the cum.  Yes, I said “apply.”  Read on.

Painting Your Body

Once I instruct you to cum hard and you shoot out that incredible load of man juice, I have you dip your finger in it.  Then I tell you exactly where on your body I want you to paint with cum.  Your finger is moving over your lips and around them about an inch.  It is applying a thin, tasty coat of cum to the top of your knees, your inner wrists, your inner upper arms, your hands, and any other body parts you are certain you can reach with your tongue.

Next, is the best part for a cum craver like you.  I have you lick it all off; preferably while I watch you on cam.  But if that is not possible, no worries.  I have an exceptional imagination.  Now you know how I want you to eat your cum for me next time you call.  Be ready my living cum canvas!

Have you ever tried this before?  I would thrill to read your stories of unique cum eating.  So would the guys who want to try this!

Miss Violet

Your Coach for Cum Eating