Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Are you cum curious?

Some of you are dedicated cum eaters and you know you love that naughty thrill of slurping up your own load of cum.  You know who you are!  ~grinz~  And I know who you are!  ~smiles~  I’ll admit, I adore a man who will eat his own cum … willingly lapping up that creamy load.

Coerced cum eating

Now, some of you need a little extra … ahem … incentive to take that load of cum.  You might be a guy who dreams of being a full submissive to a Femdom Mistress.  You don’t know where to start but this Experienced Mistress knows you need to learn more about Dominance and submission.  This is where cum eating comes in.  This is the physical representation of my control and dominance over you … when I make you eat your own cum.

Cum eating is HOT

Most of all, cum eating is a fucking HOT phone sex fantasy!  And, if you’re here you are curious and ready … aren’t you?  So, my question to YOU is …. why do YOU want to eat your own cum?  DO TELL!

Ms Olivia