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You Can’t See It

That barrier that is keeping you from successfully eating your full load of cum is there.  You can’t see it, but it is there.   Of course, this barrier is constructed by your mind.  It is made up of the fears you have about possible repercussions of eating your own cum.

Since you created the barrier, you can break through it and remove it entirely.  I am going to help you with that in three easy steps.

Step One

Know that you are not alone.  A lot of men are curious about cum eating, or already eating their own cum. You are not weird or deviant for wanting to do this.  This is a huge fetish, which means that in a room full of men, chances are that at least two of you are doing it.

Eating your own cum does not make you gay.  So let’s toss that ridiculous thought out as well.  Eating your own cum just makes you kinky.  Kinky is good.  In my opinion, kinky is wonderful!

Step Two

Instead of going for the gold, start with a little taste of your pre-cum.  You will find it to be sweet and light; very easy to eat.  This will encourage you to be brave and take things a bit further.

Next time you cum, put your finger in it and taste a little bit.  There is no need to lick up the entire load.  Just get past a little taste.  May sure you do this while you are still highly aroused.  If you wait until you are calming down, you may lose the desire to eat your own cum completely.

Step Three

Once a week, cum into a small glass.  The first time you will have one inch of juice in that glass.  Cum into it, swirl, tip it back and drink it down.  Do this is one fell swoop.  Do not look at it, contemplate it, or think about it.  Just drink it down.  It will be over in a flash.  You are going to feel a tad shocked that you actually did it, and perhaps slightly embarrassed.  But I will be proud of you.

Each time you do this, put a little less juice in the glass.  Before you know it, you will be drinking 100% cum out of the glass.  It will be easy and natural by then.

Let’s Hear From You

What is keeping you from breaking through that invisible barrier?  What have you tried to get through it?  When you did finally break through that barrier, how did you do it?

Read what one very adventurous cum eater does.  This is for the advanced students.  *wink*