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Something Fun To Try

This is a guided masturbation, cum eating technique that I have been experimenting with, and finding great success.  It requires very little in the way of props, and is flexible enough to take in multiple directions.  Much like the limber lads who can throw their legs up in the air and cum into their own mouths with no difficulty.  I love that!

What To Have On Hand

Gather four full pieces of well buttered bread.  Yes, margarine is fine, instead.  Half of this buttered bread will be used as guided masturbation aids.  The rest will be used differently.  *smile*

Why do I like to mix guided masturbation with cum eating?  It is simple; you cannot cum without doing some stroking.  It is SO much more fun to do that pre-cum stroking in session with me!

The Fate of the Rest

Those other two pieces of buttered bread will be used at the end of our session.  I will instruct you to squirt your nut butter right on top of the other butter.  This gives you a delicious combo to eat, bite by bite, as I listen…or perhaps even watch you on cam!  I am SUCH a voyeur.  *grin*

Get Your Bread, Get Your Butter…Go!

I watched my kinky German caller, Chris, do this sploshing on cam a few days ago.  He did a marvelous job from start to finish!  It is your turn now.

Does eating your cum with food make it easier for you?  Did you break the cum eating barrier by cumming on food and eating it?