While You Stroke, Choose: Chastity or Eating Cum

Chastity for Mistress Christine

Not used to getting a choice? lol… I’m sure…

Yes, you’ve been in chastity for a while and yes, I’ve been teasing that hard, horny cock for hours.  Have you lost count of how many edges?  That cock is so thick, so angry and red.  And your balls are pulled up tight against your body, aching to just shoot that big load out of you.  Do you really want to cum?  Well, I’m going to give you a choice, my pet.  Will you finally eat your cum for me?  Or are we going to lock you up in chastity?

Choice #1 – Chastity

Do you really hate the thought of eating your own cum that badly?  Does it gross you out so much that you’d rather I pull your hand away from your aching, needy cock and lock it up in a chastity cage?  If you choose chastity, it’s not going to be for a couple of days, or a week, or even a month.  I’m talking real long term chastity.  Could be a few months, maybe a year.  Are you really willing to have that cock locked away rather than give me this one little, thing?

Choice #2 – Eat Your Cum

Is eating your cum really that bad?  Sure it may not taste that great.  It might even be a bit humiliating for you, but just think.  You get a full satisfying orgasm and all for just a few moments of a strong taste and some humiliation.  All that teasing, all those edges, imagine how good that orgasm will feel…and all you have to do is suffer for me, just for a bit?  Isn’t that worth it?

You Really Don’t Have A Choice

You will eat cum for me, because you see, if you choose chastity, here’s what we’re going to do.  Every day, I’m going to unlock that cock and tease it, just like I’m doing now.  And I’m going to give you the same choice.  So you see, your chastity will last as long as you stubbornly refuse to eat your own jizz.  How long do you really think you’ll last?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine