Eat that cum! Go! Go!!!!

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When You Need More

You appreciate having me here to coach you through your cum eating adventures.  My sexy voice encouraging you; making it so much easier to reach your goal.

But you may be at a plateau.  You want to go further, but just can’t quite get there.  Then it’s time for me to change clothes and jump into my other role…

Cum Coach Cheerleader

I was a cheerleader and know how to cheer a team to victory.  In this case, you are the team and victory is going just a little bit further into your cum eating desires.

I will slip into my cheerleading outfit that has been described as exposing a heart stopping quantity of flesh.  Of course, I have matching pompoms.  Because they are necessary for proper cheering and serious prick teasing.

The Two “H’s”

When I am standing in front of you, cheering you on to eating your full load of man juice, you are going to get a full dose of what I call the two H’s.  The first H stands for Horny; which is how you are going to full looking at my perky cleavage bursting out of my top, my deliciously toned tummy on full display, and my long beautiful legs stretching on and on for your viewing pleasure.

The second H stands for Humiliation.  Even though it is erotic to have a stunning cheerleader cheering just for you, it is also a tinge humiliating.  Depending on what I cheer, it could be  VERY humiliating. *grin*  Just worship my body as you stroke and we’ll get along just fine.

Hand to Cock

Before you cum, you need to stroke.  I adore guided masturbation, edging, having you ride the edge, and oh so much teasing.  I just may create some special cheers to get you going with that:  “Hand on cock..up and down, up and down.  Hand on cock…let’s get down, let’s get down.”  See…you are smiling already!  So am I.

My Pompoms Are Quivering

The ones in my hands are too.  *laughing*  I am SO ready to cheer for you.  So you bring your cock and lube.  I will have my cheerleading outfit and pompoms ready.  Prepare yourself for an exciting new experience in cum eating.  Baby, I am making cum eating fun!

Thank you to Marc, who inspired this posting.  “One banana, two banana, three banana bunch…come on Marc…eat your lunch! ”  *wink*

Has a woman ever cheered you on to eat your cum?  What did she say?  Make me giggle.

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