Cum Eating Breast Worship with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

The Icing On Top

I find it very sexy to have you shoot a hot, creamy load of man juice all over my perky breasts.  But why should the fun stop there?  This is the time to take things further.

Now you know how this ends, but sex is about the journey just as much as the destination.  I want to tease you with some details of what awaits you in this fun, breast worship cum eating method.

Let’s Wind You Up

I like to begin by wearing something very erotic, and teasing.  A beautiful, lacy bra; or a low cut dress with no bra under it.  That allows me to bend over and show you my cleavage.  When I have your full attention, I may give you a little peek at my aeriola.  Mmm…such a pretty shade of deep rose.  Taste your pre cum for me now.

Then I turn my back, unhook my bra, spin around, holding the cups in place with my hands.  My eyes are dancing with delight at the reaction I am getting from you.  Suddenly, I am naked from the waist up and your hand is stroking your cock like mad.

A Place For Everything

At this time, my place is sitting on the end of the bed.  You standing in front of me.  When it is time, you release your jism all over my tits like an uncontrolled firehose.  That leaves but one task for you.

Time to lick your cum off my body.  Start at the outside of each breast and lick; working your way inward.  Licking in a spiral until your wet tongue touches my taut nipple.  Then giving each nipple a little suck to ensure you got it all.

What are you waiting for?  My breasts and I are waiting for you.