Eat Cum for Ms Christine

Let’s talk about cum eating!

You Want To Eat Cum

You’ve told me all about your cum eating fantasies, how you want to savor it rolling over your tongue and down your throat.  And we’ve come a long way.  I remember when you were so hesitant to swallow that spunk, how I had to tease you and deny you until you were so desperate to nut off that you’d do anything – and you did.  You ate that cum for your Mistress!

Sneaky Cum Eating

So, you’ve been trying that vanilla cum eating I wrote about a few weeks ago, going down on your wife or your girlfriend after you’ve filled her pussy with your jizz and cleaning her out.  You haven’t told her why though.  You’ve been playing the considerate man, “Oh, honey, I just wanted to make sure you were satisfied,  I know sometimes I come too fast for you to get off, I want to make sure you get to cum too.”  I think it’s time you share the real reason with her.

How Do You think She’ll React?

Do you think she’ll be disgusted?  I’m thinking she’ll be thrilled.  Tell me, on those rare occasions she gives you a blow job – does she swallow?  If she likes it, then I’ll bet she’ll be thrilled – something she can share with you – think about all those snowballs to come!  Even if she doesn’t, the fact that you’re finishing her off, eating out her and that cream pie, is certainly making her happy.  Who knows, she may even decide to take a more dominant role in your relationship!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine