It’s like a catcher’s mitt!

Why A Condom?

There are so many wonderful things I can do with a condom filled with cum!  Let’s think about how much fun it can be before we even get to the point of you filling it with you cream.  Why do most guys hate rubbers?  They like to say it decreases the sensation.  Great!  That means I get to tease you for so much longer, and the longer I tease you, the more your balls churn, making a bigger load.  One of my favorite things to do is make you wear 3 or 4 of them.  How frustrating to stroke and feel almost nothing!

Sucking Cum From The Condom

I digress though…let’ get to you eating your cum!  Make sure you use unlubricated condoms – Nonoxyl-9 does not taste good!  Once I’ve had you shoot off into that rubber, I like to have you roll it off very carefully – make sure the spunk stays in the reservoir tip.  When I’ve actually got a special pet in my clutches, I like to take it, and just upend it over his mouth, watching it all drip out and right into his open mouth. I love watching you do the same on webcam!

Storing Your Cum

Condoms are great for storing your cum.  Tie it tightly closed after you roll it off, and throw it in the freezer.  A Jizzcicle for later!  I once had a sub I was playing with and stored his cum for a special surprise.  I asked him if he could cum twice during our session.  Surprisingly, he readily agreed!  I had him jerk off into a condom, then took it away from him.  Then I teased and played with him for the next few hours.  I ended the session by rolling the condom onto my Big Black cock and having him suck me off.  What he didn’t know was that I had made a tiny pinhole in that condom, so with ever suck, he got a creamy surprise!