Hard to  Admit

You know you have thought about eating your own cum.  Do not bother denying it.  Why else would you be reading this post?  *laughing*  Illicit images of how I will coach you through tasting your pre-cum, then urging you further by edging you over and over until you beg me to cum.  Just reading this blog gives you clear understanding that I know what I am doing.

So you might as well just come out with it.  Tell me how you want to eat your cum, but you are scared to.  Admit how you fantasize about how it will taste, and how you will react to actually having your warm spunk in your mouth.  Open up and begin confessing your cum cravings.

Why Is It So Hard?

It is difficult to admit you crave eating your own cum, because you think it is not manly.  You believe it is a weird thing to even think of, and no one really does that.  Wrong!  If you knew what a large fetish group you are part of, you would sit down in my confessional, relax and spill all of it.  Not your cum, that would be cum wastage, and that is a bit of a crime.

Face it.  You are worried about the cum eating taboo.  But realize that it is that fact that is part of why it is so hot.  Whatever you imagine it will be like, it will be better.  However exciting you think it will be to have me coach you to a cum eating frenzy, it will surpass your imagination.  Read the comments other cum cravers leave on these postings.  Those who have done it…over and over.

Soon You Will Be Bragging

You first arrive to me cum curious, intrigued, and nervous.  But once you break through that barrier, and actually eat a full load of your own man juice, things change.  You will call me bragging about how many loads of cum you have saved up to devour for me.

You will ask me to introduce you to nasty cum eating.  You will tell other Mistresses about your cum eating exploits and brag about being the biggest cum craver LDW has ever had.  Woohoo!  Why not?  When you get really good at something, you have a right to get a bit cocky (pun intended) about it.

Don’t Wait Another Day

Enough reading about it.  Enough fantasizing.  It is time to make cum eating part of your reality.  I have an exceptional rate of success with coaching first time cum cravers into actually consuming their creamy load.  Especially those who have a history of losing all desire to eat it as soon as they cum.  I have special training for you.  *wink*

Call now, or arrange your appointment.  You can eat cum at home, at work, in a hotel, in your car.  Surprise me!

Miss Violet

Your guide to titillating cum eating!