A Question About Cream Pie

Shouldn’t you always play the clean up pet?

So, recently, one of my cuckolded callers actually got his hot wife on the phone, because she had a question for me.  First off, I was really impressed with this woman.  She’s getting all the cock she needs, and she’s so busy getting it, she actually outsourced the occasional domination and cock control of her cuckolded husband!  Anyway, her question was, “does the cuckold always have to eat the bulls cum from his hot wife’s pussy?” Then, very quietly, almost shyly, she added, “because I really like that part!”

Absolutely! Cuckolds Should Always Clean Up

You know my thoughts on free, loose cum that just goes everywhere.  It’s environmentally unsound – even if it is superior, top-of-the-line BBC cum!  Wipe it up with tissues – that’s just adding trash to the landfill.  Wipe it up with a towel or the bed sheet?  Well, this girl is getting so much cock, I figure she’s doing laundry every single day – how much is that stressing her local water plant?  Of course the cuckold should get down on his knees, slide in between her legs and lap up all that jizz.  Not only that, but he should be cleaning off that Bull’s cock, too!

Environment Aside, Think Of The Pleasure You Get From Him Eating A Sweet Cream Pie

Again, based on the amount of cock this hotwife needs – and is getting – she’s almost always left dissatisfied once they’ve shot their load.  So, having that cuck clean up her creampie is giving her additional orgasms to get her to her happy place.  Not only that, but if she trains her cuck on sucking cock well, and he cleans off that BBC after he’s finished off his wife?  Well, that stud has probably had enough time to recover, her cuckold will get him hard again and they can go for round 2!  Win-Win – for this lucky hot wife and her Bull, anyway!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine