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Missy Lena, a fan of cum eating, sent her personally composed list of creative cum eating ideas to myself, Ms Olivia, and Ms Christine.  We loved her ideas so much that we decided all 3 of us will blog about it.  Each of us writing about a different section of Missy Lena’s list.

I chose to write about her  “Eating it From” and “With/On Food” sections.  You cum cravers who have had sessions with me know that I adore those methods.  I will be adding my own thoughts on Missy’s great suggestions.  So here goes.  Cue the drum roll!

Fun Things to Eat Cum From

  • condom – Squeeze it out, with your head tipped back, oozing drop by drop onto your eager tongue; nothing quite like slurping cum from a condom.
  • tea cup  –  Sip it out.  You sissies will enjoy this feminine, dainty cum eating method.
  • shot glass – Toss it back.  This is for you manly man cum fans.
  • wine glass/champagne flute – Class it up.  Take a sip, swish it around, mix it with a bit of your favorite wine.
  • dish – Lick it up.  You fans of nasty cum eating will like this.  Use a clear dish and watch yourself in a mirror.
  • bowl –  Lick with a twist.  I will enjoy seeing you bend and stretch to get every yummy drop of jizz.
  • spoon – Just a spoon full of sperm.  Slurp it out, one spoon full at a time.
  • funnel – Gulp it down.  I am imagining standing above you, pouring warm cum into the funnel and you guzzling.
  • frozen/saved form – Make it last.  A few loads of frozen cum can provide 30 minutes of fun.
  • squirting dildo – Catch it if you can.  Aim for your mouth.  Go for distance.

Eating Cum With or On Food

I have a special fondness for incorporating food play with your fetish.  When it comes to cum eating, this is truly a match made in heaven.  It is also a fabulous way to enjoy cum eating with a partner.  Looking for some new ways to use cum to enhance a food?  Read these ideas Missy Lena came up with, again with my comments added.

  • banana – Deep throat it.  The possibilities are fabulous here.  Put it on the tip, deep throat repeatedly.
  • strawberries – Dip into it.  Dip a fresh, ripe strawberry into your cum…better than whip cream.
  • blueberries –  Float them in it.  Little balls of blue sweetness floating in a sea of semen.
  • cookies –  Cream it.  Top the filling in a cream filled cookie.  Put your cum between two regular cookies.
  • donut  –  Round and round it goes.  A drizzle all over the top and you will make that donut doubly good.
  • cantaloupe  –  Fill it.  Cut a hole in a cantaloupe, larger than your cock, pump into it, fill it, cut and eat.
  • pancake – Flip it.  Make filled pancakes, or top your pancakes with man juice syrup.
  • chocolate – Top it.  Get bonbons.  Cum all over the tops of them, and pop them into your mouth.  Delectable.
  • coffee – Flavor it.  Introducing the newest flavored coffee.  Creamy Dreamy Cum.

One Per Day Challenge

I am challenging you to try every one of Missy Lena’s ideas, trying one idea every day until you have consumed your in every method listed on this post.

Once you have done that, I want to hear about your adventure.  Was it easy?  Did it simply fuel the fire and make you want even more cum?  Tell me about it.

Thank you to Missy Lena, cross-dresser and dedicated cum eater, for sending her list to us.  The title of her email to us was “36 Ways to Eat Cum by Missy Lena”, so there will be a LOT more ideas being presented here by Ms Christine and Ms Olivia, my cum coach friends.  Enjoy!

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