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Idea From Caller

I love it when my callers email me their creative cum eating method ideas.  One of my long time callers, skylar, sent me information about a way to ruin his own orgasm.  After reading it, I realized that it would be interesting to combine it with cum eating.

Even the most devoted cum cravers need to shake things up a bit.  It keeps things fresh and even more fun!

Creative Cum Eating Method

Here is the email I received:
Mistress Violet,
This email is after our call. During my time in the wilderness away from you I learned of another way to have sperm come out without an orgasm. If you tape a vibrator to it with medical tape and buzz it at the highest setting the cum leaks out. I don’t feel anything because the vibrations are too high for that.
Just an idea…

Your Next Session With Me

Imagine having a small vibrator taped to the side of your cock, turned on “high”.  Your dick is raging hard, and before long your warm cum begins to spew out of the head of your cock like lava down the side of a volcano.

If you enjoy an occasional ruined orgasm, you will love this!  If you have never tried a ruined orgasm, this is a fun way to try it.  Of course I will be on the phone with you, coaxing you along by encouraging you to fondle your balls, and guiding you with precisely how I wish you to eat your jizz once it erupts.  I am imagining sitting on your face, enjoying your dedicated ass worship while I watch the vibrator take you right over the edge.  So hot!

And if you are exposed on cam, so that I can actually see you doing this…even better!

To Have on Hand

If you wish to try this creative cum eating method, you will need to have the following items on hand when you call:

  1. A small vibrator, such as an egg
  2. Medical tape (it comes off easier afterward)

You are going to be amazed by how incredibly exciting it is to get this worked up, see your cum running down the side of your dick, and then hear my voice telling you “Scoop it up with your fingers.  Lick it off.  There’s some more.  Get that on one finger.  Put it….”   Let’s try this kinky cum eating idea together!